Saturday, 24 October 2015

incompatibility principle

incompatibility principle ..
the bonds formed between adjoined incompatible entities are stronger ..
to what extent such ..principle …(rules) ..
and what are the ties that keep such principle … at bay ..
is it .. arbitrary the …call such notion..

does not hold for ..common-sense reality .. surpasses the realm of reality .. and describing it as ..common-sense reality ..construed merely as an attempt to hide ..cover .. the absurdity of your claim

there are ..though ..

.. elements that ..agree with ..reality ..even for ..beyond common-sense reality ..but your attempt ..even if it is ..valid that line of thought in your mind ..however poses risks ..if what you came up ..again.. in your mind .. what you used to consider such an act valid ..sound dubious but nevertheless is down to your efforts ..anybody’s effort make sense of what.. one up against .. beyond any obstacles that ..common-sense ..puts up against ..such process .. .. and not if .. the very act of making sense ..generates reality .. the process of making sense ..out of the concepts that have been consolidated in your mind ..creates ..reality ..
..concepts ..conceived ..and once they are conceived ..acquire a power beyond comprehension ..they become part of fundamental processes in .. reality ..creation ..

..and what is the reason that started this line of thought ..but .. the incompatibility of the quantum ..and not theory with relativity ..with gravity .. the very ..tiny .. with the ..immense .. as if ..and there the if .. there is a connection that binds the universe-wide ..entities ..with the ..quantum entities .. that the incompatibility principle ..holds for .. it ..down the line ..the ..conceive and perceive ..parameters .. that makes it possible ..for me to 
 ..utter these ..processes.. suggestions ..on how they anneal ..and weave ..reality .. as is not that puts these sentences together ..I do not direct ..what comes into my mind .. as I merely ..record ..them they happen ..driven by processes ..I hardly ..comprehend and deals with concepts that precariously have been embedded in my brain .. but ..nevertheless ..have a power ..all of their own .. is not ..speaking I have ..myriad ..things that get me involved and occupied ..processes emanating by my physical and social ..presence ..that ..leaves ..hardly any room that such thoughts require .. and only ..appear intervals ..where I am within ..myself .. in ..carefully ..chosen time where ..fatigue ..factors ..have been ..eliminated ..

merely ..a ..fresh ..mind ..

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