Sunday, 29 November 2015

asteroids colonization..

space colonization starts with the asteroids ..

habitability ..estimated ..assessed ..

habitable asteroids explore the concept ..what is taken as habitable .. up to the absolute necessities ..namely .. to breathe .. to be warm .. to staff their belies and have some good company to pass their time ..

asteroids their orbits ..hitching rides .. to travel from asteroid to asteroid and from there to earth itself and to other planets ..

the asteroid colonization begins by stepping on the first asteroid that passes near earth the next time .. and this time for fuck's sake not to destroy it but land on it and inhabit it ..

the landing crew to make themselves comfortable thanks to being equipped with loads of stuff to set up a base for them and for others to come next ..

to become the space pioneers ..

and to start this reach out to the stars last .. enough ..contemplation ..

while themselves would get readied to hitch another ride in another asteroid what they left behind would be used by another crew with more stuff who continue building the base for the next lot and so on ..

and for god's sake enough with this values in dollars that mean nothing for such a task for the human race ..whatever minerals on the asteroids count by their use to expand technology and this only .. whether they have diamonds or gold or any so called valuables would be worthless in this harsh environment ..

it is a waste of time and resources to base such a task in the dollar value ..according to the values that banks and stock exchanges are after ..

enough with the values that mean nothing ..for value to be

value according to what it is for a human being in the middle of a desert which being in the midst of  the asteroids is far times worse ..

if it was (is) for values upheld in this miserable earth ..we would never make the step ..

imagine now for the first asteroid settlers to start mining for minerals valued by banks, stock exchanges, financials, corporations ..that mean absolutely nothing to them will 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

incompatibility principle

incompatibility principle ..
the bonds formed between adjoined incompatible entities are stronger ..
to what extent such ..principle …(rules) ..
and what are the ties that keep such principle … at bay ..
is it .. arbitrary the …call such notion..

does not hold for ..common-sense reality .. surpasses the realm of reality .. and describing it as ..common-sense reality ..construed merely as an attempt to hide ..cover .. the absurdity of your claim

there are ..though ..

.. elements that ..agree with ..reality ..even for ..beyond common-sense reality ..but your attempt ..even if it is ..valid that line of thought in your mind ..however poses risks ..if what you came up ..again.. in your mind .. what you used to consider such an act valid ..sound dubious but nevertheless is down to your efforts ..anybody’s effort make sense of what.. one up against .. beyond any obstacles that ..common-sense ..puts up against ..such process .. .. and not if .. the very act of making sense ..generates reality .. the process of making sense ..out of the concepts that have been consolidated in your mind ..creates ..reality ..
..concepts ..conceived ..and once they are conceived ..acquire a power beyond comprehension ..they become part of fundamental processes in .. reality ..creation ..

..and what is the reason that started this line of thought ..but .. the incompatibility of the quantum ..and not theory with relativity ..with gravity .. the very ..tiny .. with the ..immense .. as if ..and there the if .. there is a connection that binds the universe-wide ..entities ..with the ..quantum entities .. that the incompatibility principle ..holds for .. it ..down the line ..the ..conceive and perceive ..parameters .. that makes it possible ..for me to 
 ..utter these ..processes.. suggestions ..on how they anneal ..and weave ..reality .. as is not that puts these sentences together ..I do not direct ..what comes into my mind .. as I merely ..record ..them they happen ..driven by processes ..I hardly ..comprehend and deals with concepts that precariously have been embedded in my brain .. but ..nevertheless ..have a power ..all of their own .. is not ..speaking I have ..myriad ..things that get me involved and occupied ..processes emanating by my physical and social ..presence ..that ..leaves ..hardly any room that such thoughts require .. and only ..appear intervals ..where I am within ..myself .. in ..carefully ..chosen time where ..fatigue ..factors ..have been ..eliminated ..

merely ..a ..fresh ..mind ..

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Humanity's goal is to further the frontiers of knowledge

If it wasn't for the money individuals would have spent more time to fathom into the problems that seek solutions, or better to accumulate knowledge enrich concepts, increase their conscious levels and whatever research is starting it is for the sake of learning more about nature instead of directing towards making more profits.

Monetisation's directives are powerful and take new knowledge acquisition towards paths which their goal is to increase profits of a few individuals or communities or states.

Instead every individual is in a position to increase the knowledge of itself and by that the knowledge of society civilization humanity.

Monday, 10 November 2014

idiosyncratic language

what ..languages cannot do .. in their current structure .. enrich languages with novel ways of thinking .. new concepts ways to conceive .. the potential as yet ..unrealized ..

of all the concepts ..abound ..and of all them ..all their properties ..elusive .. as yet ..presenting before us insurmountable task for all the human minds .. of all the brains ..of all people ..competent and incompetent all the ways competent individuals .. and competency conceived .. becoming mathematical in my approach .. rendering in my thinking elements of what mathematicians call rigorous proof .. delimiting the field that it is at bay ..

and all is down to a precious tool ..that many learned individuals made use of .. ubiquitous and universal in all individuals .. that being .. introspection … an ability of the human brain .. inserted .. drawn out and used .. to explain the remarkable quality ..becoming the property of the human group construction process..gatherings of people  ..the exchange of ideas ..thoughts ..notions .. that is currently in place ..and has been strengthened with the advent of internet .. the flooding of all these ideas that is taken place .. to create new inroads into the human minds .. and out into the open for other human minds to take advantage of ..

an individual ..any individual .. what it requires become adept in the use of the language ..language developed to suit the bearer of the mind .. in whatever way the bearer has found suitable for its case develop a feel of the language .. to be totally inserted ..engulfed ..involved in that process .. a totally ..glove-fit .. idiosyncratic language ..which it can even be reckoned as  ..incomprehensible to the other users of the language .. but nevertheless ..that would not make any difference as long as the particular user is comfortable in its use .. and in cascading fashion .. continuous trial and error sessions  .. this would become the seeds of a language that suits all modes of thinking that a brain can emulate .. and by saying so ..I bring into mind the most creative mode of thinking ..a mode of thinking that delves deep into the unconscious .. the quantum realm of the mind .. such approach to language making it the vehicle for the quantum processes .. to embody themselves .. the uncertainty within them to match the uncertainty introduced .. even consciously .. in the handling of language in the manner described so..

the automatic ..language .. the automaticity in language .. language to stop being a hindrance in itself for a user .. a private language .. with ..seemingly no rules attached to  .. rules made up as the processes involved go along ..language spontaneous .. a …compass ..all of its own .. getting formed all by itself.. even to the point that it cannot trace its origins ..

the ideas ..that are hiding ..getting revealed as if out of nowhere .. that cannot be seen any other way ..but with the irregular use of language .. irregular losing its meaning ..  

Monday, 17 March 2014

money and the structures built .. self-multiplying ..on auto-mode driven .. is accomplished by the instrument of credit.. create over-blown spirals unsupported by real growth ..only to collapse in successive crises

what is all about .. ever considered? .. by any? .. while deep into ..finding out .. trends .. missing what is its use is for ..

growth .. real growth .. and taking advantage of it .. buying when low .. increasing one’s value of stock held .. when the anticipated growth .. is realised .. consolidates .. 

growth ..real growth opposed to 'growth' ..that it is not real .. or such 'growth' should be described .. defined as ..

unreal 'growth' .. growth of numbers .. of indices .. that passes as the real thing .. creates illusions of growth .. falsifies trends .. unsupported growth ..

what comes to mind .. china’s real estate growth .. that created ghost towns .. building behemoths that were never being used ..occupied .. built solely on the grounds of anticipated gains .. gains that were never realised .. gains that surpassed what was underlying .. overestimated demand .. even created demand where there was little or none .. out of nowhere .. 

money and the structures built .. self-multiplying ..on auto-mode driven .. is accomplished by the instrument of credit.. create over-blown spirals unsupported by real growth ..only to collapse in successive crises 

the idea of credit .. the existence of money .. and ..its.. money’s .. intrinsic ..potential .. driving force multiply self .. self-multiply .. regardless of what it is based upon .. 

credit .. the instrument .. by which money accomplishes self-multiplication goals ..targets ..issues .. 

thus ..self-multiplied ..increased amounts of money .. abundance of money without any real growth at all .. an over-extended spiral with loose ties ..with reality .. with real growth .. ties to support the growing spiral ..non-existent .. and as a result .. the burgeoning spiral .. the abundance of money .. the over-blown bubble .. as it has not found the support needed .. what it is required exist .. to continue to be .. it collapses ..there is nothing else to do at the crucial moment .. but to collapse .. when the much needed real growth not there .. it doesn’t exist.. the system’s much-maligned growth so professed .. empty and hollow .. ‘growth’ ..where there is none ..

credit created in the anticipation of gains .. gains supported by real growth .. what real represents means for real people .. being part of the reality of their lives .. neither exaggerated ..nor ..diminished .. undervalued .. falsified .. being totally honest about it .. becoming the cornerstone .. the pillar upon which the money-structure build .. neither coaxed .. nor mollified to suit money’s pervasive .. insipid needs ..

only interpreted the way it is ..unadulterated  

free of attempts to mould it in the way that money’s intrinsic self-multiplication forces prescribe ..

credit .. at a time and era .. when the stakes are high .. an over-supply of money .. the allocation of funds ..solely on the basis of money’s self-multiplication agenda .. spawning crises .. the world over ..

money .. the whole infrastructure based upon .. yearns for .. people to participate .. eagerly requires .. but nevertheless .. systematically ignores .. 

painful lessons .. accumulated on the backs of societies .. for how long? .. what would give in first ..

 it is unquestionable what would give in .. it will give in what is not real .. no doubt about it ..

when real growth is taken as the only growth..that matters ..

Monday, 17 February 2014

Humanity's ..costs and benefits.. Costs spread ..Benefits sharpen .. The focus of both.

"In a speech to Indonesian students, civic leaders and government officials in Jakarta, Kerry laid into climate change sceptics, accusing them of using shoddy science and scientists to delay measures needed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases at the risk of imperilling the planet. He also went after those who dispute who is responsible for such emissions, arguing that everyone and every country must take responsibility and act immediately."

 John Kerry says climate change is world’s ‘mostfearsome’ WMD - National | 


.. hostile to life .. to our way of living living organisms .. to all life .. existent ..

We should not allow a tiny minority of shoddy scientists and science and extreme ideologues to compete with scientific facts,” Kerry told the audience gathered at a U.S. Embassy-run American Center  in a Jakarta shopping mall. “Nor should we allow any room for those who think that the costs associated with doing the right thing outweigh the benefits.

costs and benefits .. costs of the few .. benefits for all .. the basis .. costs and benefits should be acted upon .. should fit the demands placed upon .. benefits all .. out of the benefit of each one of us .. each one of us counts .. how benefit should be .. ought to be accounted for ..

costs and benefits .. worldwide .. an absolute measure .. the benefit of each one of us .. a guide ..

the needs of many ..far outweigh the needs of the few .. establishing trust at all levels in the hierarchy .. by rules and guidelines being put forth ..

.. the engines .. of emergence .. competition between nations ..and all structures within the realm of humanity .. down to the single individual .. permeating humanity's realm .. through and through .. solely based upon this premise .. benefits for all ..collective benefits .. in whatever way these are surmised .. should never take precedent over the benefit of its remotest member ..

.. collective benefits ought to ..should be worked out ..out of the benefit that befits .. is deemed as appropriate .. for a single individual .. steadfastly adhering upon this basis .. humanity progresses ..

humanity as a whole should do its utmost to accommodate each one of us .. within its midst ..

costs spread .. for all humanity to bear .. there is no other way to be thought as .. but benefits ..sharpened .. sharpened to the single entity comprising the system ..humanity ..

the benefit of humanity is worked out .. out of the benefit of every single unit ..amidst it .. the maximum of benefit achieved .. once the benefit for each unit has been reached ..

.. the new ground for corporations to plough through .. attain the utmost they can achieve .. to realise their full potential .. through realising the potential .. of each one of us ..

a U.S. Embassy-run American Center .. the trust required .. being its very own source .. empowering ..self-empowered .. as it obeys the  rules .. set forth .. that benefit all ..

.. self-cleansed .. automatic.. the structures evolved .. obvious .. self-evident .. clear and concise .. easily discerned .. transparent .. no room for the slightest of doubt .. being raised .. the language the vocabulary developed .. a force on its own ..

authority .. acquiring its true measure .. self-actualised ..

.. system-making rules .. the system humanity and all the sub-systems included within .. automatic ..

.. by their own will bring to humanity to its utmost of attainment .. exploring every bit in its vast domain .. achieving its fullest of potential ..