Thursday, 25 August 2011

A positive feedback relationship. The more selfishness inspired acts are driving the market forces .. the more unpleasant the economic realities get.

Economic Downturns, the Social-Darwinist Waltz, and the Navigation of the Starship Asgard

"the idler said...

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

J. K. Galbraith

trends .. that gain traction .. ideas .. lurking in the limelight .. brought forth

"Rakesh Bhandari said...

I really appreciate this message. I remember reading somewhere in John Galbraith that ultimately the ideological contribution of social Darwinism was much more important in reconciling people to unpleasant economic realities than the idealization of the market as a self-adjusting machine.

.... closure .. arrived ..

social Darwinism .. ideological contribution .. reconcile people to unpleasant economic realities .. more important than .. market is a self-adjusting machine ..

.. drawn beyond the realms of reality .. to unprecedented lengths .. to what reality requires .. into a fantasy-land .. idealised .. over-fed with an illusion .. running on empty .. in the pursuit of a dream .. a dream lost in the midst of the chase ..

..contradicts what the author of the article .. took for granted that ..

"3. Markets are the best way to organize pretty much everything."

..which puts in doubt .. the premises above it ..

"2. People are skilled decision-makers and rational judges of their own interests."

.. their own interests .. selfishness .. another 'acid' trip .. for .. "a superior moral justification for selfishness" ..

and while .. on 'trips' .. the background upon which .. the .. skilled decision-making and rational judgement .. is set upon .. develop ..

.. unpleasant economic realities .. and the .. selfishness factor .. is there any room .. for these states to be reconciled ..

the way .. the conditions 'of unpleasant economic realities' .. and the factor, the 'selfishness attribute' can be related .. an environment of unpleasant economic realities .. affects and is affected by .. the selfishness factor ..

.. it reaches out .. to its final conclusion and closure ..darwinism at its utmost .. raw and unhindered, clomber everyone to survive ..

clomber definition .. by the urban dictionary ..

"To wrestle a powerless other so that they can't move, eat, or breathe."
"The big turtle always clombers the little one so he can't eat the food I give"

.. have the unpleasant economic realities finally arrived .. being the sole outcome ..of exercising the selfishness factor ..

.. a positive feedback relationship .. the more selfishness-inspired acts drive the market forces .. the more unpleasant the economic realities get ..

unpleasant economic realities .. selfishness factor .. social (conservative) darwinism at its utmost .. clomber everyone else to survive ..

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