Sunday, 25 November 2007

Monetisation, the all-surpassing overriding directive in individuals' simplified models of reality.

Each individual attempts to deal with the stuff in the world in a problem solving scenario. Knowledge derived from previous experience assists to formulate and subsequently solve the problem based on mental structures past experience has built. The world is vast and only take notice of a limited amount of information presented. The capacity to assess a situation and provide solutions is small. It only allows an individual, a bounded rationality a concept attributed to Herbert A. Simon as it is mentioned in the Cognitive Structure Notes, website.

As a result

"the intended rationality of an actor requires him to construct a simplified model of the real situation in order to deal with it."

Therefore each individual goes along in life armed with a simplified model which uses to deal with problems encountered.

"He behaves rationally with respect to this model, and such behaviour is not even approximately optimal with respect to the real world."

Whatever the letter or form of an individual's simplified model, there is a feature that deeply permeates and influences the solutions to problems the individual chooses, and this is monetisation. A feature incessantly promoted by states, governments, institutions, politicians, public and private organisations, a directive ruthlessly forced into the consciousness of each individual. Almost every human activity has to pass through the monetisation sieve. Principles, dignities, values, lives are looked primarily from the monetising perspective and accounted by it. Nothing escapes.

Therefore the simplified model an individual uses to deal with world issues, is heavily influenced by the monetisation principle. It is forced from above and against the will of the individual as the values held, are compromised to satisfy the monetising directives. It distorts choices and decisions made, forces to view life from a monetising perspective. A monetising drive that overrides almost everything else.

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  1. Indeed i agree.
    Isnt this a result of our greed??deep inside ,in every persons decisions is personal gain.And unless we address that ,we will not solve nothing.....(not that we can,but we wont even have a chance this way).
    Politics have been sold to the highest bidders,and international regulation left to the hands of the corrupt,the employees of the gang leaders,the slaves of the most greedy of humans....
    Unless we address this ,on a personal level,disrespect and disengage from all those who serve the few,and restore natural order in our society by means of ridiculing those who seek profits ,and diminish them in the minds of people,as the worst of human kind,as examples to be avoided at all costs.Unless we do that ,there s no hope.And there s no hope we d do that...Dead end.
    We have to start on a personal level,but we cant start really ,since the system prepares young humans according to such lines that they d never have the chance to even think differently.
    We sacrificed the best years of human kind and earth,for spreading our self destructory ideas,instead of preparing for what a lot of people were warning us about.And now we re pretending that we agree to stop climate change!!and poverty!!!!Yes very trustworthy promise,from those who created the problems in the first place..
    Best regards