Friday, 30 November 2012

Awed and dumbfounded. Where were you all my life. If it wasn't for the fucking money..


awed and ..dumbfounded ..

where were you? .. all my life .. you ..and so many others you ..

the wealth of ideas .. is unbelievable .. if only.........  to hell ..with your fucking money..

.. overwhelmed our ..consciousnesses ..having in mind to render us ..useless .. and incompetent ..

poisoned us ..

bombarding us .. day-out ... in, stockmarket reports .. your mass media .. your banks ..your financiers ... your undercover propaganda ...

with the most ..inane and ..insane ..concepts .. absurdly ..demanding .. to heed your reckonings ..

but ..despite all that .. and amidst .. all your ..painstaking efforts to make .. headless ..chickens ..running purposeless .. in the walks and paths of our lives ..

people keep producing .. multitudes of ideas .. augmenting our realities .. pushing you ..further down the gutters .. where you came from .. and where you belong ..

fuck off .. and go to hell ... once and for all ..

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