Sunday, 29 November 2015

asteroids colonization..

space colonization starts with the asteroids ..

habitability ..estimated ..assessed ..

habitable asteroids explore the concept ..what is taken as habitable .. up to the absolute necessities ..namely .. to breathe .. to be warm .. to staff their belies and have some good company to pass their time ..

asteroids their orbits ..hitching rides .. to travel from asteroid to asteroid and from there to earth itself and to other planets ..

the asteroid colonization begins by stepping on the first asteroid that passes near earth the next time .. and this time for fuck's sake not to destroy it but land on it and inhabit it ..

the landing crew to make themselves comfortable thanks to being equipped with loads of stuff to set up a base for them and for others to come next ..

to become the space pioneers ..

and to start this reach out to the stars last .. enough ..contemplation ..

while themselves would get readied to hitch another ride in another asteroid what they left behind would be used by another crew with more stuff who continue building the base for the next lot and so on ..

and for god's sake enough with this values in dollars that mean nothing for such a task for the human race ..whatever minerals on the asteroids count by their use to expand technology and this only .. whether they have diamonds or gold or any so called valuables would be worthless in this harsh environment ..

it is a waste of time and resources to base such a task in the dollar value ..according to the values that banks and stock exchanges are after ..

enough with the values that mean nothing ..for value to be

value according to what it is for a human being in the middle of a desert which being in the midst of  the asteroids is far times worse ..

if it was (is) for values upheld in this miserable earth ..we would never make the step ..

imagine now for the first asteroid settlers to start mining for minerals valued by banks, stock exchanges, financials, corporations ..that mean absolutely nothing to them will 

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