Friday, 24 October 2008

The human mind is an invaluable asset to be wasted by the monetising societies

The threads that contributed to these thoughts
- Amassing wealth. A crime against humanity.
- Economics, the people and the planet.
- Monetisation, the all-surpassing overriding directive in individuals' simplified models of reality.
- Western civilisation a travesty of darwinian laws
- 'Smart' laws? Built along the lines of co-operation instead of conflict as the driving force in individuals relationships?
- Monopolies
- Using emergence to elucidate emergence. Thoughts emerging or thoughts about emergence.
- Πως διαβαζουμε ενα βιβλιο;
- Chaos attracting basins constantly test norms, regulations, laws.
- When Sally (J. Goerner) met the world(view).
- To nullify the influence of the observer.
- Human individual, a quantum mechanical entity?
- Superposition of states?
- The implications of society's adherence to a rigid framework of rules.
- 'Legal and binding'? What is the value of that expression.
- Past, present and future concurring? Nonlinear time?
- Abolish money.
- Services. Building up monetisation-free zones?
- Multinational corporations in 5th gear towards the 'global village'?
- The mind and chaotic attractors?
- Empowered individual and privilege-built societies incompatible forces, lead to societies of empowered individuals.

The human mind is a precious commodity, an invaluable asset for each single individual, for the individual's sake as well as for humanity at large, to be so callously wasted by societies, dominated by capitalist ideals. Where everything boils down to make money.

Chaos will provide the ways to truly lead humanity, to where its goal lies. It only needs a furtive look in the variety of fractal landscapes emerging, when chaos is at work. That chaos provides.

And all are made possible by tweaking, imperceptibly at times, a few crucial parametres, the essence of sensitive dependence on initial conditions at work.

Likewise by tweaking the relevant parametres, societies adhere to, a new world will emerge out of the rich variety of worlds possible, a world at which every individual, no-one excluded, will be at its centre.

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