Monday, 10 November 2014

idiosyncratic language

what ..languages cannot do .. in their current structure .. enrich languages with novel ways of thinking .. new concepts ways to conceive .. the potential as yet ..unrealized ..

of all the concepts ..abound ..and of all them ..all their properties ..elusive .. as yet ..presenting before us insurmountable task for all the human minds .. of all the brains ..of all people ..competent and incompetent all the ways competent individuals .. and competency conceived .. becoming mathematical in my approach .. rendering in my thinking elements of what mathematicians call rigorous proof .. delimiting the field that it is at bay ..

and all is down to a precious tool ..that many learned individuals made use of .. ubiquitous and universal in all individuals .. that being .. introspection … an ability of the human brain .. inserted .. drawn out and used .. to explain the remarkable quality ..becoming the property of the human group construction process..gatherings of people  ..the exchange of ideas ..thoughts ..notions .. that is currently in place ..and has been strengthened with the advent of internet .. the flooding of all these ideas that is taken place .. to create new inroads into the human minds .. and out into the open for other human minds to take advantage of ..

an individual ..any individual .. what it requires become adept in the use of the language ..language developed to suit the bearer of the mind .. in whatever way the bearer has found suitable for its case develop a feel of the language .. to be totally inserted ..engulfed ..involved in that process .. a totally ..glove-fit .. idiosyncratic language ..which it can even be reckoned as  ..incomprehensible to the other users of the language .. but nevertheless ..that would not make any difference as long as the particular user is comfortable in its use .. and in cascading fashion .. continuous trial and error sessions  .. this would become the seeds of a language that suits all modes of thinking that a brain can emulate .. and by saying so ..I bring into mind the most creative mode of thinking ..a mode of thinking that delves deep into the unconscious .. the quantum realm of the mind .. such approach to language making it the vehicle for the quantum processes .. to embody themselves .. the uncertainty within them to match the uncertainty introduced .. even consciously .. in the handling of language in the manner described so..

the automatic ..language .. the automaticity in language .. language to stop being a hindrance in itself for a user .. a private language .. with ..seemingly no rules attached to  .. rules made up as the processes involved go along ..language spontaneous .. a …compass ..all of its own .. getting formed all by itself.. even to the point that it cannot trace its origins ..

the ideas ..that are hiding ..getting revealed as if out of nowhere .. that cannot be seen any other way ..but with the irregular use of language .. irregular losing its meaning ..  

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