Friday, 28 September 2007

Internet, inventions dont matter as much as being in tune with others!!

What did draw my attention in this entry. Inventions don't matter as much as being in tune with others. Tune with others? So, the way I see it, as if the whole of the internet community 'broadcasts to a particular frequency'. The whole? Holistic? According to, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. And there is a 'frequency', readily interpreted as a range of activities classified according to how frequently they are exercised, the higher the abundance value carried, the more prevalent they become. Therefore one who enters into the internet community has to assimilate into the activities prevalent, and go with the flow.
'In tune' and tuning bring notions of waves, about frequency, wavelengths amplitude. In radio broadcasting you talk about carrier waves that propagate radio wave signals. The radio waves piggy-backed on top of carrier waves traverse the atmosphere. The radio waves carry the information signals what makes radio interesting, what makes the difference. The carriers in that particular instance being people and the frequency part refers to their activities. Inventions, are thought off in order to improve the activities.
Improving the activities. I think that these would matter. Why don't they? Is it because the framework, that hosts the named activities rigid and inflexible and can not stand the ripples inventions might bring about? Has the internet community reached that point in their development? That they provide the tune to which every one should sing, weeding out any potential opposition. The whole story of the links and the incessant blogging theme becoming prevalent in the posts, lead the whole internet enterprise into stagnant waters. Carrier waves in radio are plain, blank, there is no variety there, unlike the radio signals they carry. If the necessity arises they are replaced.

Has Internet reached such a state that can not stand the ripples inventions bring about? I do not think so. On the contrary, inventions are continuously brought in, changes are introduced. The prevalent 'frequencies' change, the 'carriers' that resist such trends are put aside and their activities cease.
I see that the 'in tune with others' trend described above, expresses a will exercised by people who do not want to loose their prevalent position for this or the other reason, so they adopt a reactionary role and suppress potentially innovative ideas that are out of sync with the frequencies-activities they profess. They 'cornered the market' and would not allow upstarts with fancy ideas to overthrow them. It is sad that such an innovative enterprise is overtaken by man's oldest sin. That of privilege.

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  1. i develop and sell an entirely web based video conf / collab / presence management system that was INVENTED by me using extreme coding and SCRUM,

    you think im suppressing ideas ? im 36, work 17 hours every day cos i spend about 4 of them READING UP on INNOVATIONS,

    by " in tune " i meant that disruptive technology has no place when it is merely disruptive and not a commercially viable model for reasons of the same behaviour you accuse me off . ie. they CLAIM to be disruptive while in fact they are either newly painted bandwagon jumpers OR THINK they are disruptive positively while they are not, eg. FACEBOOK APPS - no commercial value, great buzz value, draining VC money, creating junk,

    im not the tired old geezer you think i am, (how many video conf systems do you know off that also bring Stock, Weather, Politics, Sports RSS feeds right into the meeting envt so participants can make more informed decisions ?) or ones that run as a silent web service on your desktop and are launched OUTSIDE your browser using TCP / IP ( im assuming you are a techie and can clue in to the difficulties in creating such a service )

    how many companies do you know off with the B**** to openly talk about
    ideas just to they can get discussed and commented on ?

    karma is every habit forming or non habit forming act,

    if you act out of step, like cross a street when the pedestrian crossing says red or if you want to go behind a colleagues back and stab him but get caught out while you co-conspirators get off scott free cos they let you take the lead and do all the dirty work while they just encouraged you, they would be examples of ignoring certain signals, going out of tune and getting egg on you face,

    your rant about frequencies and that is also an example of being out of tune - if you had done your homework youd have gotten to know me before you shot your mouth off

    i am going to forgive the " bitch slapping " you handed me this time cos i hope you get your facts right the next time.

    i wish you all the best,
    Atul Abraham, COO, Instant Web Meetings, Austria