Saturday, 24 November 2007

Short-lived? As opposed to long-lived ....

Just sprung into my mind and made me wonder. I felt I had to dig deep, in every nook and cranny of my brain, the deeper recesses of my mind, visited once or twice in a life-time and bring out whatever relevant mental structures, I have amassed during the course of my life.

Short-lived, like the goods we consume daily, what we eat and drink, the films we watch, the games we play, our times of passion and intimacy. Our looks.

As opposed to what? Long-lived? Long-lived in what sense? In regards with our lives, our body, our mind? What? Does long-lived span the entire length of our lives, or segments of our lives? Or spans out, our entire lives? Or even be out of time completely, in a realm where time does not exist. Timeless? There were always references to timeless in human history. One of them was the reference to ideas, concepts. Concepts and ideas that are not bounded by time. Timeless. And these I take must be long-lived.

And what else could long-lived be? Material? Of course not. Long-lived bear no relevance to material. Should be irrelevant of matter, as matter by itself is bound by time. Time makes material short-lived.

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