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Politics. Economy. Capitalism. Mere Game, and as such ought to be "playable". Alas, equal opportunity out of the window as players treated as pieces to play out with. Excluded from the game. Are not allowed to play.

Emergence: From Chaos to Order

John H. Holland


                                   CHAPTER 11
        Metaphor and Innovation

                                                                                     METAPHOR AND INNOVATION page 203

Board games [E1] are not usually accorded the same primacy as numbers, but to my mind they are an equally important cornerstone[E2]  in the scientific endeavour. In particular, I think [E3] board games, as well as numbers, mark a watershed in human perception of the world. A board game qua game only exists because the players act within the agreed-on constraints[E4]  set by the game’s rules. Though the rules must be fully and compactly specified for the game to be “playable,” [E5] they can[E6]  be contrived freely relative to the real world[E7] , subject only to incidental physical constraints involved in movement of pieces and the like.[E8]  This freedom from direct physical constraints encourages modifications in the rules, accompanied by empirical judgements as to which rules yield a better game. This freedom from direct physical constraints encourages modifications in the rules, accompanied by empirical judgements as to which rules yield a better game[E9] . Each new try amounts to a new miniature universe governed by fully defined laws. It is not a long step from such an outlook to the idea that the world itself may be rule governed.
  Above all, board games[E10] , unlike numbers in their raw form, capture the dynamic of unfolding actions and their consequences. There is an initial position, and the successive actions of the players give rise to a succession of positions, all within the constraints provided by the rules. Different actions cause different successions. Cause and effect, as well as the possibility of controlling the outcome, become obvious in this context.
  The rules of the game expand to become the “rules of logic” as we move forward in time from the board games of the early Egyptian dynasties. Thales’ advocacy of “logical speculation” —the counterpart of our search for rules to explain systems exhibiting emergence—moved rule making to a broader interpretation. This logical speculation required adherence to agreed-on rules of reasoning, followed by a comparison of the results with the real world. Thales specifically supported logical speculation as an alternative to traditional myths as a way of understanding nature.
  From Thales on attempts to model the world within a logical framework encapsulating cause and effect became increasingly sophisticated. From Euclid's geometry we went on to such triumphs as Kepler’s model of the solar system and Newton’s laws of the universe. The sine qua non of these models is a small, easily comprehended set of laws that yields a wide range of testable consequences[E11] .

page 204 EMERGENCE

  In the nineteenth century, Sir Charles Lyell and his compatriots developed their models based on the rate of weathering of mountains and sediment deposition. A whole new conception of the world and its age came into being. suddenly there was room enough and time for things to evolve, allowing an explanation for the hitherto mysterious skeletons of “monsters” that had been encountered in quarrying. The laws were simple and the conception was testable. Even more important, the laws fit the constraints imposed by newton’s laws. When Darwin came along with his astute observations and connections, embedding all within the constraints of Lyell’s geology, he gained a credibility that his grandfather, Erasmus, never had, though Erasmus’ imaginative insight was of an equal order.

 [E1]systems played like games

 [E2]cornerstone .. not a ..scientific word .. the vocabulary used .. narrating .. than ..reporting ..reviewing .. subjective approach .. not using words that convey an objective approach ..

 [E3]I think .. use of personal opinions .. beliefs ..

 [E4]the far utmost ..implications .. of this statement .. the consequences .. a board game to exist .. a system exist .. I would say ..political system to exist .. because the players act within agreed-on constraints .. the societies ..the political game they are engaging/ed on .. players act on agreed upon rules .. a whole new perspective which to look upon ..politics ..
the political arena the game as it ought to be .. if players we are .. should be on terms ..laws .. agreed on .. by all ..

 [E5]a “playable” game .. rules must be fully and compactly specified .. the political game must be playable ..

 [E6]world systems, economy and so on .. is nothing but a game .. set up by individuals ..portraying their ideas about the real world, a mixture out of their personal (experiences) or better --perceptions

 [E7]rules ..laws .. contrived=deliberately created rather than arising naturally or spontaneously .. (capitalism natural proclaimed) contrived freely relative to the real world .. the real lives of the players ..

 [E8]rules .. subject only .. to incidental physical constraints .. involved in movement of pieces .. pieces and players .. players as pieces .. pieces ..emancipated .. democracy

 [E9]engaged .. involved .. as players .. and not as pawns .. as they were assigned to be .. demand to set the rules .. in the  realm of .. agreed-on ..
their meteoric rise .. from pawns to players .. and the subsequent absorption by the system .. assimilated in the game being played .. a betrayal of their origins .. to humanity itself .. as they perpetuate the system .. a system by its blueprints .. false .. fake .. capitalism ..under false pretences.. accepted if only become a turncoat .. yield to the system .. propagate the system .. for measly returns .. in front of the entire humanity’s endeavour  constant strive to better self ..

 [E10]to surpass the boundaries of beliefs ..wishes .. to the realm of logical consequences .. rational ..reasoned .. like scientific truth .. accepted .. universally .. chaos universal and ubiquitous .. existence of rules .. principles ..

 [E11]consequences .. uprisings .. they will happen .. because they ought to .. humanity demands them .. it would be slur .. in the face of humanity .. if one wishes .. thinks .. that should not happen ..

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