Thursday, 20 December 2007

Poverty? Why?

The whole theme of poverty reminds me of the development of a chaotic system, or any such system presumed as chaotic by any individual, evading awareness, baffling consciousness on the grounds of the enormous complexity ensued due to the increased multiplicity of agents in a system, to remind myself of John Holland. It is bound to appear chaotic because of the complexity arising.

When I come across in the internet of websites that experiment with Mandelbrot or Julia sets, their creators give you the opportunity to change the final image, by changing the range of a few parametres. The final image changes completely. The point is that, as the final image of a mathematical structure can be toggled by the change of a few parametres, the same goes for social systems too. These toggled up parametres change the final arrangement in the system. Parameters which for social systems represent the norms societies adhere by.

Toggle up the parametres norms and you get a different system. A big part of these parametres, being monetary parametres that have influenced and modified the accepted norms, sanctioned by society. And though you do not know how the system will develop, you can have an idea to where the system is going to.

Using indicators to assess where the system has gone after changing the parametres. Indicators such as crime, juvenile delinquency, or any other relevant criteria within the social 'space', in that particular instance.

How the whole system arrangement would change if one crucial parameter, like monetisation is replaced, or a drastic change to it, is introduced.

The whole deployment is complicated, need to be thought of, in every aspect but necessity demands to think primarily of the gross details of the thought. It is the guiding lines that matter foremost.

Wasted lives why?
Lost ... what for?

They are talking about poverty and already they assume it is inevitable. Why? It is all down to what has been accepted as a norm and think the concept of poverty in the context that creates.

What do you mean about norm?

A rule that is socially enforced. Social sanctioning is what distinguishes norms from other cultural products or social constructions such as meaning and values. Norms and normlessness are thought to affect a wide variety of aspects in human behaviour.

You can not prescribe how life events will unfold. Determine the outcome, before they even had the chance starting the process. It is predicting not determining the outcome. But what can be set is, to provide the path, the context within which, life events are expected to unfold. Individuals invest in life events, time, efforts, dedication, hope, their whole being might be drained in the process. At the end what matters, is the effect on what individuals have invested in an unfolding life event more than the life event itself. They might have achieved a goal but at what cost, what human cost.

The life event itself as it is prescribed by the norms should be secondary in importance, to the qualities participating individuals invest.

Why individuals accept their predicament so abstractedly?

Nothing can be enforced in a society if the individuals in that society are against it. No laws, no norms, no moral code can prevail if that norm, law, moral code is not emanating from within the individuals, has not got its source and inspiration out of the consciousness of the individuals.

That is how I wonder why individuals accept their predicament so fatalistically. Social norms can also be viewed as statements that regulate behavior and act as informal social controls. They are usually based on some degree of consensus and are enforced through social sanctions.

It is the frame out of all the possible frames that you can not escape from. This frame tells you what your position is and defines poverty status. Frames, social structures, they are defined by prevalent concepts about human activities.

The frame is responsible for the poverty status. If you change the frame you will alter the poverty status too.

What defines that frame? What defines the boundaries?

The combined activities of the human individuals.

What kind of boundaries you are talking about? A frame must have boundaries.

These are monetary boundaries defined by the needs of their participants and the incoming monies to satisfy these needs.

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