Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Western civilisation a travesty of darwinian laws

Darwinian laws taken to extremes that never in nature have appeared at all. In nature, survival, as it is practiced commonly, no tiger no lion or any other predator, puts aside or kills, whatever its own survival needs do not require. Humans do. In order to do that they surpass nature's simple laws. I wonder what weird concept of fittest this distorted exercise of darwinian laws try to prove?

Humanity has achieved its goal of survival. It has tamed and maimed nature in the process. Humanity as a whole can feed and nourish the entire earth's population. When you hear about famines and disasters you wonder why this is happening. You wonder why it is left upon charities to provide remedies, that amount to aspirins prescribed to treat a devastating disease, treat the symptoms and not the cause and instead eradicate the disease in its roots.

Sterile monetisation, that's what it is.

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