Thursday, 13 March 2008

Nascent ideas. Evolved future societies globally programmed.

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Drawing similarities out of computer programs for globe-wide program application. Evolution of future societies where human individuals, resources and processes will get organised as the subroutines of a worldwide program.

Programs run in the computer are today developed towards addressing a great many needs of the user. To do so it relies on many sub-routines or sub-programs where each is assigned to deal with a certain task. Subroutines or subprograms run in the background and take care of tasks assigned, integrated with other subprograms to a single global program. Communicate with the main program via interfaces, by which they pass over the results of their code execution and at the same time receive instructions based on the results of code execution of other sub-programs, a continuous uninterrupted cycle.

The program subroutines can be visualized as the norms that prevail at a certain time in a social structure. A number of several subroutines combine to produce the subprogram for the social group. In the social group, their activities are programmed in the same way as a computer program. This takes over all the spectrum of activities that human individuals are engaged today. The jobs they do, their education and whatever other acts are required to do by being a part of a social group. Therefore that frees individuals from the burden of the day to day tasks, that they have to do to ensure their survival and maintenance of their beings. World-wide production is channeled to the appropriate areas in the world as the needs arise, identified by the running subprograms and passed on to the global program. A world wide logistics program. The know-how built in many areas of economic activity, by multinational corporations will provide the blueprints to organise the infrastructure of production and management of an enterprise of that scale.

This replaces all economic systems and market infrastructures, uproots human interference in common causes, whatever the intentions, providing time for the individuals to pursue activities which will increase intellectual capacities and scope of life. Each one, will be freed by an enormous amount of distractions so it will be able to devote wholesomely to discover for itself and indirectly for others, the nature of reality.

This means that monetising will be completely eradicated and a lot of its drawbacks will vanish from societal infrastructures.

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