Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Chaotic, could it lead to an answer to the origins and purpose of life?

Living organisms sophisticated machines that sprung out of myriad, intertwining processes spanning eons, driven in chaotic modes.

I read in "Fractal Neurodynamics and Quantum Chaos: Resolving the Mind-Brain Paradox Through Novel Biophysics", in Chapter 6.2, Chaotic Excitability as a founding Eucaryotic Characteristic,

"Chaotic excitability may originate deeper in evolutionary history, representing one of the oldest features of eucaryote cells (King 1978, 1990)."

And not only of eucaryotes but even deeper to the chaos instigated rise of life itself, since

"The Piezo-electric nature and high voltage gradient of the excitable membrane provides an excitable single cell with a generalized sense organ. Sensitive dependence would enable such a cell to gain feedback about the external environment, rather than becoming locked in a particular oscillatory mode."

and membranes provide the boundaries of all life forms, since they first begun in the primordial soup, in the rockpools deep in earth's past. Primitive life forms being another form resultant of chaotic processing, processes which undergo by their own virtue, and for their own accord, destined towards the calm, soothing shade of stabilizing attractors, determined by the variables at play in the early atmosphere, variables established by the forces shaping earth's environment

"The Earth is an "electrode" immersed in a weak gaseous "electrolyte," the naturally ionized atmosphere."

Evolution inherent in chaotic processing, as the attractors built are bound to be used, become the starting points of the next orgasmic bout of chaotic developments, as the journey continues in our present era and it will keep going on, further in the future.

And along side nature's chaotic cauldron, another field for chaotic deployment has sprung up, that of human consciousness driven by the same chaotic recipes, driven by the same principles deeply ingrained in nature and responsible for weaving nature's fabric.

Human mind, evolving amidst the instabilities life brings about, continuously building attractors upon attractors, replicating nature, towards its emancipation from its constructed man-made prerogatives and possibly nature itself.


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