Friday, 11 April 2008

An account of the concept of truth.

Do I think that what I write and say, is what actually is? True? Why do I feel alien towards the word true? Is this the essence of the argument, I am trying to put forth here? Do truth actually mean anything? Anything at all?

Truth or what actually is.

What is, it is. It is despite of me or anyone else. Everyone else. Do I know what is? And if I know what is, is what I know about it, what it is? Judging the truth of my knowledge about it.

How would I know whether I know the truth about it? And what true is? It is a purely subjective stance. It is 'truth' to me. It is 'true' for me. Sharing it with other individuals or all individuals (in live?), it does not change the stance. It still remains subjective.

It is 'truth' for me, us, the whole of humanity but it is still nothing more but subjective.

Truth is beyond human capacity, it is a trait that has been attributed to an omniscient, omnipotent being and can not be attributed to any human being, neither by association nor by any other form of reason or logic, and by that of science.

It suffices to say that I/we know what it is, it is and there is nothing more than that. It holds, as long as, what I/we know about it, can be used to provide solutions to problems faced, explains, gives living meaning and used to measure what other individuals know about it.

And that holds for any individual all over the world.

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