Tuesday, 30 September 2008

You are stupid, he is stupid, she is stupid, they are stupid ... I am stupid ... We are all stupid!!!

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- Hints for imperfect minds?

How many times these words have been, are and will be uttered, a sign of scorn poured at one another, only to leave distinct marks on people's lives, cloud the mind, distort and warp judgment.

A practice that leads individuals to build impenetrable fortresses to protect their ego, intolerance seeps in, they become hostile to other individuals being viewed as intruders, pounding at their shelter, keen to destroy what is of value for them, what they hold dear in their minds.

A practice that breeds and sustains embittered social frameworks, alienates individuals from one another, bringing strife and misery amongst them.

Everything the individual comes across, is looked upon with suspicion, as the nagging fear of not to be caught at being stupid looms heavily on, all out to defend itself from the humiliation which the ego would not permit. Armed with a whole armada of words and meanings, built around it, purpose built language, guard ourselves against attacks, constantly in fear to let ourselves open. Becoming more austere and vicious in our attacks on other peoples perceived stupidity in the hope that we will cover well, our own inadequacies and shortcomings. Build worlds on the premises that our own personalities, our egos, are well hidden within it.

As young people grow, the blank slates, being vulnerable, easy prey, being terribly traumatized, learn quickly to cocoon themselves within their bounds and kill all the vigor that freely expressed thoughts brings forth as they are constantly pounded by adults, their own parents or teachers, no exception, the biggest perpetrators, already trapped within the web of societies deeply penetrated by fragile encased egos, harboring insecure personalities

And if young people survive at all, with whatever they manage to salvage from their inner self, are unleashed to populate the enmassed adults, already deeply gripped by the fear of being revealed of who they are. Situations engineered to meet the objectives of societies overwhelmed by the insatiable monetising greed in service of masters.

Ideas that stem from an unwillingness to comply with the limits of our mind's mental capacity, the limited worldviews we built, that we carry imperfect minds, no one excluded. That once focused on something we can not alley our concentration to anything but what we are focused at, derived by the main attribute of our consciousness/awareness to pay attention to a single item at time.

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