Friday, 10 October 2008

Empowering individuals

empowering individuals .... instead of treating them like mindless peons,

systems built (along the lines) (their only purpose) squeezing them to their very limits to fend for themselves ... and in return offering dubious rewards

skin-deep, superficial, ephemeral ... to quench a thirst ... the brain and the mind they built, its purpose cannot be fulfilled by accounting practices ... getting rich, being a millionaire ... rendering effectively useless

where all that everyone needs, is already there

where all that he needs and all that is needed is already there, but (its) or access blocked by ... the very system with artificial mechanisms (laws, rules, and legislation) the monetisation framework

built along the principle that (its only outcome) channels the use and ... of the goods produced unequally among individuals, money (profits or something else).. to the few excluding the many.

... laws, rules and legislation

an intricate network ... woven around the principle of making money

advertising, public relations, media all deep entrenched in a horde of useless activities that have pinned down an inappropriate amount of individuals, in search for monetary values

a loaf of bread is kept out of reach of the starving individual as it is against the rules (of monetisation)

its fervent advocates will defend such an act, as they claim, will tear the fabric of society

is such society worth saving? Rules and legislation that treat individuals as scum separates individuals into worthy and unworthy

is it worth saving, and if, what for?

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