Friday, 27 February 2009

It won't be long when societies will emerge where services is what is exchanged.

It won't be long when societies, will emerge, where services are what is exchanged.

"Performing free services for others, helping out those in need and offering ourselves and our skills to others are some of the easiest things we can possibly do."

There would be a time when traditional, i.e. current, state administrations and governments will become obsolete, will cease to exist, as their main goal, being, to preserve the unequal distribution of goods and services, will not serve humanity any more.

Who are the owners? The courageous entrepreneurs who put up the capital, or the creative and productive individuals? Human productivity is grossly distorted.

How come the individuals, whose activities are responsible for producing the goods and services the world is enjoying, to be the last cog in the machine, at the mercy of this and that entrepreneur or banker individual, to sell without proper exchange value, their expertise and skills, to be thrown out of production whenever the profit margins fall short?

Why this horde of accountants, in banks or the other institutions seem to have the upper hand?

Banks became what they are driven by individuals whose goal, was and is, not only to make money but to make lots of money. Gearing, somebody would say, venture capital, short-selling, options or other invented so-called derivatives, they do not serve any public interest, they are not used by real people, but by people-caricatures of human individuals, people totally detached from reality.

To invest a lump sum and to wait to increase in multiples, not simply percentages

They drag along a horde of other people deeply attached to fairy tales, garages and so on, all out to make money, and in the process forget the people they are.

The service that is provided is what matters, and as it is pointed out in this website

"Getting positive reviews should be one of the primary goals of your business. Prospective guests love to read reviews and hear what other guests have said about their stay in your vacation rental property. They can be hard to come by though, but when you do get them, treasure each one and shout it from the rooftops!"

... positive reviews, a sign that the service provided has met its goal, its only goal. And why it is hard to come by, because what is offered is exchanged in hideous sums of money, services that customers pay through the nose, as every customer knows at the back of its mind, that it is not him or her that is valued, but the money they carry in their pockets. And on top of it, they know, that there is nothing in the world to stop the entrepreneurs to seek higher prices, following the doctrine of supply and demand, if they dare and be foolish enough to openly admit that they have enjoyed their stay.
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