Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Yes it can be done!

Yes it can be done! Thoughts brewing, warming up ...

utopia, what is utopia?

it will grow out of the idea of volunteerism

'Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain.'

not by single individuals but by communities of single individuals

' In economics, voluntary employment is unpaid employment.'

It may be done for altruistic reasons, for example charity, as a hobby, community service or vocation, or for the purpose of gaining experience.

' Some go so far as to dedicate much of their lives to voluntary service.'

Totally open. No concept of bosses or employees. Anyone could join in at any time, doing whatever task they found interesting, for whatever time they found appropriate.

individuals that have surrendered their money, their wages to be centrally administered by other single individuals.

individuals that work without pay, the fruits of their work to be administered centrally by other single individuals. A community of

single individuals which will grow, and as a whole would be a formidable force amidst a competitive jungle around them.

... a market force to be reckoned ...

where companies and other instruments of traditional market forces would not be the ones to dictate the terms

any group that has a voice and exercise it by the concerted efforts of its members dictates the direction of demand

' One way in which this is done is through the creation of a Non-Profit Franchise.'

Supermarkets owned by the community of single individuals that supply all participants in the movement with food clothing and other products without payment, supermarkets that are run and maintained by individuals from the community and their only clients would be individuals from the community as their goal is not to profit but their goal being to provide for the individuals of the community.

Their lives would not be sheltered at all, mingling freely with not participating individuals, their ideals the concepts they carry, is expected to become the magnets for other individuals to be attracted to

individuals who wish to join the community will be expected to continue to go about their lives as they did before

participation is expected to come from all walks of life

individuals are expected to shine, as their development of character and personality, stripped as is from the influence of money will develop freely as nature and individuality in self, is intended to.

The goal to be to grow engulfing any activities individuals in our modern society require.

they will form a social network which is real, open and vibrant based on ... what properly fits between one individual with another

unbiased by any considerations of money, power, force of will

recognise unto each other

recognizing our differences and agreeing to differ, our conversations free dialogues of one person to another. Concepts shared through conversations ... overcoming the differences in the conceptions ... by agreeing to differ ... as our differences in our conceptions should not be allowed to stand between us .... participation without prejudice ... would prevent one being intimidated by another ... or one to intimidate another .... all conceptions are valuable

being able to think a concept as someone else thinks the concept .... it is a hard task as such .. that becomes even harder ... if we let ourselves deeply immersed in our ego's clutches ... it robs us of the opportunity to see the world as someone else sees it

... of the opportunity of discovery ... destroys any chances of change

change which so vital for one's development .... the dynamic force that explores our potential ... potential never explored ... potential never realised .. static characters and personalities

... life without change... static ...stagnant ... a life without substance .... a very short life ... its passage through the world, furtive ... and unnoticed

As rules are always spring from the activities individuals in communities are involved, it is expected that the form of the communities will generate the rules which facilitate the relationships between the members of the community. It is prohibitive to appoint the rules beforehand as these will be determined by the communities themselves while on the run. It can only suffice to say that there are guidelines and these are the absence of money or

It will develop within the existing state but its final goal would be to replace it. The rate at which this will be happening or how soon it is dependent upon the changes within the very same individuals in the community, and the community itself. Anyone can join at any time in the process, as equal among equals, leaving behind its past, the concepts adhered, embracing the concepts the community has developed at the time.

Learning will be pursued unhindered by any considerations alien to the development of the very same individual. Learning which will be expected to lead to informed opinions in the individual and encouraged to be used to strengthen the concepts which will open up new inroads in the ways of thinking among the individuals in the community.

This form of developed communities is by no means an intellectual property of any individual, or any state anywhere in the world. Individuals in any nation are invited to participate.

will surpass boundaries

without the considerations of material gain

communities in one part of the world should develop without ignoring the growth of the community itself. But as it grows further and becomes self-sufficient, it is expected to pour resources if necessary, to other communities that they are in need by providing the resources


equally benefit no matter what part of the world they inhabit where in the

for their central administrations to pull their resources, manpower, products and assets

a market force which will be very hard to ignore ... negotiate deals with forces outside the community Any nation

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