Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Developing the concepts and presumed (assumed) perspectives of globally programmed future societies.

(by elaborating on the presumed)

Nowadays, instead of having less monetising, there is more and more as the time goes by. One thing for certain. In the growing drive for more profits, grasping any opportunity presented out of every minute and remote activity engaged by human individuals, a widespread mentality, a mode of thinking that governments foremost promote, in every sector run by states, it is not hard to think that governments envying the so-called presumed successes of the private sector, to enter itself into competition and assume structures no different from the profiteering corporations becoming USA or UK Government plc, with all its subsidiary organisations dragged along member states, councils, hospitals, educational establishments.

And how can it not be, as the same kind of individuals that run profiteering corporations are sought after to run government and state-owned institutions.The profiteering mentality is transferred as a whole in state institutions. And citizens become clients.

And as in corporations the big rewards go to the board members and the rest of the revenue generated (un-)equally allocated to the rest of USA, UK Gov plc shareholders. The public servants, senators, MPs, public employees, state-liaised contractors and on and on..

Well, it is allegedly supposed to be that all US, British or any other country's citizens, are the shareholders. Well no, they are no shareholders, they are the clients.

For individuality to thrive in its utmost expression, it requires to be totally free, especially from monetisation concerns.

Today every innovation, every individual creative process has to pass through a monetisation sieve. What filters out from this monetisation sieve is the singularity of profit. Financial gain. In its course every individual creative act is distorted, twisted, warped to fit through the monetisation sieve.

Seeking the unbiased approval of other individuals pure and unadulterated out of what each individual has to offer for the betterment of the life of other individuals is the only sufficient and necessary condition.

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