Monday, 18 October 2010

Future societies, global programming concepts. Elaborating on conceived changes and effect in the lives of human individuals worldwide.

Future societies, globally programmed, the concepts within. Elaborating on perceived changes and effect in the lives of human individuals worldwide. Thought experiments on plausible, possible, and attainable future for human societies.

The worldwide program will assume all the distribution of goods globally and will assign the tasks within that framework that each individual will carry out. Jobs globally distributed will replace the concept of jobs as it is today. Tasks therefore will be assigned as the individual goes through the educational system.

The educational system will develop in a totally non-competitive regime, purely designed to build the individual's skills and intellectual powers. The educated will not feel that they have to compete against one another.

Foremost of all it would be to identify the intellectual and skills-oriented strengths in each individual and continuously enriching the relevant concepts in breadth and in depth.

Re-allocation of individuals around the globe will be rendered, aimed at becoming effortless as allocating to new tasks is dealt with in a global manner, even instantaneously.

The global production and distribution networks and their related tasks will be shared equally among individuals and each will be assigned tasks without reference to where its abode is located. There won't be any tasks beneath any individual and in the same way there won't be any tasks above any, no matter how much or less esteemed are regarded, or find any individual wanted, or mar any individual as incapable of performing the task.

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