Thursday, 18 November 2010

To create superhuman intelligence; Human intelligence unfathomable, yet the fool amidst its stupidity aims to surpass self, to superstupid.

Designers are great hunter-gatherers of ideas and should be encouraged to develop that role further.

.. novel twist in the so-many-times-said notion of hunter-gatherers .. hunting-gathering ideas .. how dead-on-spot illustrates an aptitude of the human individual

"In particular, we should look to nature for inspiration – it has been innovating for three billion years."

.. nature, so mundane a notion for today's prevailing ideas, but so brought at home, becoming so familiar, the height the notion of innovation can reach, human individual in its efforts to innovate, sharing the same processes nature has being using for three billion years .. the human individual one with nature .. out of nature's guts ..

But what I read here ..

"In particular, the project explored how, over the next 50 years, we can apply science and technology to the design and implementation of intelligent infrastructure for robust, sustainable and safe transport, and its alternatives

The IFTF.. (Institute For The Future) .. to-do list goes on to state that objects will evolve fast, too: “Groups of smart objects will co-operate, often on an ad hoc basis, to augment human decision-making and, increasingly, to make decisions for us. Some believe that the next 50
years will witness the emergence of machines with supra-human intelligence.”
IFTF’s manifesto for the UK’s future scanners resembles Victor Vinge’s concept of ‘singularity’. In 1993, Vinge, a writer and mathematician, predicted that “within 30 years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly thereafter, the human era will be ended

to create superhuman intelligence .. as if there is a need to create superhuman intelligence .. the human intelligence itself unfathomable .. yet at its infancy .. but still arrogant to assume it has reached its potential .. the fool that dreams on .. amidst its stupidity .. aims to surpass self .. to supersede its very own state ..of stupidity .. by the creation of some superstupid intelligence ..

.. totally ensnared in the current environment of business .. where the role the human individual is assigned to .. is to create wealth .. the ultimate business decision making machine .. to catch the black swans to make innumerable profits ..

.. what a vile concoction of ideas .. to augment human decision-making .. overrun by ideas .. prevailing in the present era .. by merely extrapolating upon them .. from its present state .. where the human individual is heavily subjugated to the business scenarios ..

human individuals toiling in the business world .. stock-markets .. shares .. stocks .. debt ..

the individuals in the business .. the success prototype .. salaries, bonuses the money they make .. an overriding, reducing attribute .. well-publicised coveted the acumen of business-decision making overwhelming

disregard totally the essence of its very own evolution .. non-linear evolution .. the non-linear evolution of the society as such .. which in effect would present to its next step in the evolution ladder .. a new state of humanity .. with its very own variables and parameters .. distinct and different from what prevails in its current state .. a new set of parameters .. a new set of initial conditions ..

extrapolation .. merely linear .. not acknowledging the constant change .. systems states undergo .. which always require .. to use a new base .. a new set of initial conditions for the very same extrapolation function to act upon .. such a method reneges, refutes the very process .. the non-linear nature .. of world evolution.. trashes every effort .. to succumb it .. to inane practices and methods ..

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