Saturday, 18 December 2010

Darwinism? Replacement rather than ruthless extinction. Capitalism? Co-operation rather than ruthless competition.

What are the implications of Darwin's theory in the making of societies worldwide? What has been hiding in the shadow of its clash with the creationist movement, obscuring the issues which have survived barely noticed and continue to plague human societies to nowadays.

Natural selection idea and quite a lot of its offshoots being heavily influenced by Darwin's social background that has going through unnoticed. I feel I have to go through the article of New Scientist, 31 January 2009, 'Evolution's final frontiers'

to trace the origins of the most sinister offshoots of Darwin's theory that has so devastatingly influenced the make-up of today's societies, which somehow have accumulated fallacies which have plagued human individuals thus far. My thesis is that this is not a result of mis-interpretations of Darwin's theories over the years by other theorists, but of Darwin himself. He is responsible for the parts of his theory that have had an adverse effect in the development of societies, he himself infused his personal touch in these parts of the theory that perpetrate illusions and distort and destroy values human individuals adhere to.

Why it has survived in our consciousness practices expressed in the saying(?)

"Ο θάνατος σου η ζωή μου"

which literally translates 'my survival goes through your extinction' and refers to single individuals or groups of individuals in unfolding their activities and acts, in almost all aspects of human activity and draws its (power?) from Darwin's theory. What is responsible for all acts of violence, wars included.

Instead of 'live and let live' which would come naturally if we accept instead that all activities of social groups goes through replacement rather than competition. Activities unfolding side-by-side instead of one-against-another that now pervades all aspects of human relationships.

I feel I have to go through the responses of all th individuals that have offered their contributions, looking them from the perspective I develop, namely fight for survival or co-operate and live-and-let-live stance.

Darwinism have been left to develop unscathed, not from the strictly scientific perspective, but its political implications as a result of its long-drawn battle with creationism. As, now it has emerged victorious, as I would say expected, it needs to be rectified to adapt with the aspirations human individuals adhere to, instead of distorting and warping the basic(?) elements responsible for the development of human relationships.

As I think, these mis-conceptions is a result that stem from Darwin, and especially a result of Darwin's era, which except from Darwin had others like Thomas Malthus, which was admired by Darwin and have been influenced by, and their theories have plagued humanity.

Therefore, I feel I should go through what has been said about Darwinism, by the people that have worked in deciphering his theory, rejecting blind adherence in what Darwin and Darwin's theory, as it has been developed by other individuals, is about.

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