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The connectedness attribute of our minds.

why did I .. or? .. this is the wrong ..approach .. question .. and by being ..wrong .. you do not get what you seek ..

so .. is it .. before even .. form ..or formulate .. the question .. to think at what .. field .. context .. it falls into ..

..and what is that context .. I am asking you ..

.. in the back .. of my mind .. the first word ... I came to is chaotic .. but it is too shallow ..

.. the other thing that came into .. my mind .. threads

... contemplating .. worth .. the seconds ..used .. in gold .. (in a manner of speaking )

.. threads .. I would call them .. paths .. trajectories .. could be too .. within the framework of time .. future-present-past .. tied up .. all the acts .. you are involved .. future .. past .. present .. all connected .. and within them .. the bifurcations .. a network .. branching

may be .. need .. to refresh .. to bring within my grasp .. the ideas spawn in previous contemplations .. if not mentally .. to form a streak .. a stream .. uh! .. a stream .. of consciousness .. look at that .. as if a light .. flashed .. a sign of a new bifurcation been made .. a new property has been added into my mind .. for the consciousness stream .. which .. could be described .. as a state .. a state of mind ..

approach .. what I referred to chaotic .. and even chaotic .. is added .. with an extra property .. unstoppable force .. a stream .. nevertheless .. barren .. empty .. flooded with water .. rushing down .. with force .. bringing down the water .. of a recent heavy rainfall ..

σαν ενας χειμαρος .. φουσκομενος .. που παρασυρει στο διαβα του .. οτι βρει μπροστα του .. ενας χειμαρος συνειδησης

as I see what brought .. this stream of consciousness .. the links .. mentioned there .. the threads .. connected .. the hypertext ..

the problem arises .. it is included .. within the context .. of choice .. why did I choose .. to read .. slashdot's communication .. and from all included there .. this reference to Project Xanadu .. all acts .. performed in an apparent random manner .. choices enacting bifurcations .. bifurcations that lay the path .. the thread .. the trajectory .. which would lead to ..thoughts .. information ..

and .. there it is .. algorithmic information .. or .. information .. about algorithmic information .. entered .. into the discussion .. my discussion .. yes .. just happened to lay near .. a random event ..

need to describe .. the occurrence of this random event .. analyse it .. the photocopied pages of .. Ben Goertzel's Chaotic Logic .. folded to that particular page 19 ..


and while on that .. totally given out .. to a chaotic frame of mind .. that suits the moment .. or follow suit .. the whole ..of me .. not just one part of me .. the whole of me .. that has decided .. enough of this .. I am getting bored .. let's get on with .. some fresh staff .. you might even say .. betrays a stalemate .. an obstruction .. this .. what I took as .. a stream of consciousness .. hit a barrier .. stopped in its tracks ..

and out of this .. this spontaneous random choice .. it come to this ..

"His concept is effectively a free-form multi-document interface where hyperlinks open into a new window. That description doesn't do it justice though. Think of it like each block of content, each paragraph, each page, each image, is not limited to the context which it is in. You can do, as the quote suggest, strike out some content that is between the two pieces you want, or branch out diagnally.

Think if it more like a 6 degrees of Kevin Baccon interface, only for every piece of content. Wikipedia is the most obvious example of where it would be useful. Being able to see the content of mid-sentence links with out having to leave the page you are on.

It's a pretty cool concept, but not big enough (IMO) to displace the current browsing experience.

.. each block of content .. is not limited .. to the context which it is in .. branch out diagonally .. being able to see the content of mid-sentence links without having to leave the page you are on ..

links .. where .. the threads .. the paths .. the trajectories .. meet .. where the associations are performed .. network-bound thought evolution .. how deep into the network .. can the mind probe .. a drawback .. of the human thought .. thinking process .. that .. universal Turing machine .. while it is computing ..

I do not know .. whether it gained .. pace .. momentum .. into pursuing .. further into arriving into a conclusion .. which it would mean .. lazy me .. finding the relevant .. link .. plant it here .. and let have .. associations ..ahoy!

Now it is time to make the concept of pattern more precise -- to give a specific, "objective" measure of complexity. The best way to do this is with the obscure but powerful branch of mathematics known as algorithmic information theory.
The concept of algorithmic information was conceived in the 1960's, by Kolmogorov (1965), Chaitin (1974) and Solomonoff (1964). Where U is a universal Turing machine understood to input and output potentially infinite binary sequences, and x is a finite binary sequence, it may be defined as follows:
Definition: The algorithmic information I(x) contained in x is the length of the shortest selfdelimiting program for computing x on U given the (infinite) input string ...000...
A self-delimiting program is, roughly speaking, a program which explicitly specifies its own length; this restriction to self-delimiting programs is desirable for technical reasons which we need not go into here (Chaitin, 1974). It is not hard to show, using simulation arguments, that as the length of x approaches infinity, the quantity I(x) becomes machine independent.
Bennett (1982) has criticized this definition, on the grounds that what it really measures is "degree of randomness" and not "degree of structure." It assigns a random sequence maximum complexity, and a completely repetitive sequence like ...000... minimum complexity. He defines the logical depth of a binary sequence x, relative to a universal Turing machine U, to be the running time on U of the shortest self-delimiting program which computes x on U from the (infinite) input ...000... .

.. the universal Turing machine .. depicting our very own mind .. being in our mind .. the kind of executive action .. that computes .. executes instructions .. and that potentially infinite string .. depicts .. precisely .. the things the human mind can delve into .. available for .. the entirety of concepts .. the world is about .. infinite content ..

and the self-delimiting programs .. our very own thoughts .. each thought .. carries within .. specifies its length .. limits it .. self-delimiting attribute of thought ..

information .. referred to as algorithmic .. as all thoughts .. derive from one another .. an algorithm .. that brings .. one thought from another ..

"In one of Asimov's books he describes doing research/reading in the Imperial Library of Trantor; I think that's what this guy is trying to describe. Links become basically infinite depth background trees on any word or phrase or sentence or paragraph or whatever level you want.

Which would be amazing, in an academic context. But I'm not sure it would be more useful in a wider context than what we have now.

.. and alongside this previous thoughts .. there comes the confirmation .. links .. the associations .. as an .. infinite depth background trees on any word or phrase or sentence or paragraph or whatever level you want .. the infinite string .. that the universal Turing machine .. in our mind .. deals with ..

.. and that infinite depth background trees .. inextricably connected .. within the framework of space and time .. in a manner similar .. to what is defined .. in the double-slit experiment .. where the photons/electrons .. know where to land .. to produce the familiar .. interference pattern .. the pattern that represents .. the entire knowledge .. existing

.. the thoughts contemplated .. have a force of their own .. drive the universal Turing machine of our minds .. to their destination .. by themselves .. once a channel is tapped .. should let go .. let the thoughts .. the concepts involved .. take precedent in our inquiry .. let them drives us .. to their destination .. like the paths annealed .. by the photons that are going through the slits .. they know where to land .. trust them .. trust our intuitions .. double-slit experiment .. photons, electrons .. the entities involved .. entities as the thoughts, the concepts existing .. the human individuals .. entities for every system possible .. exists ..

entities engaged .. in endless processes .. according to their attributes .. inherent, intrinsic .. bring out the system's structure

The connectedness attribute of our minds.

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