Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A financial transaction, loathing and atrocious, that is what the most precious possessions of human individuals are reduced to.

.. a financial transaction .. loathing and atrocious .. that is what .. the most precious possessions of human individuals .. have been reduced to .. what survives out of the many considerations .. people abide to and use to guide their lives

the love of the father and mother for their kids .. the love of the husband of the wife for their spouses .. all of the relationships .. that make human individuals what they are .. what it's worth pursuing for .. in need to be paid

.. pay your way into .. the relationships with .. kids parents .. spouses .. the whole gamut of relationships individuals are involved in .. are constantly poisoned .. trashed and trivialised

if ever the love of a child to a parent .. to depend on how much money .. has been given .. the mechanics .. of financial transactions .. deep into their psyche .. what the fucking radio TV .. advertisers .. blare into the ears and eyes .. of their listeners .. viewers ..

emotions and feelings .. bought and sold .. wholesale or retail .. such a stench of human values .. wives husbands .. exchange services rendered .. worth their pennies .. mere financial transactions ..

human transactions .. devoid of the content it was meant to be .. what remains twisted, warped, disfigured .. all sorts of ugly facets .. emerge .. hideous, vile and revolting

everything that people are involved in .. looked upon from the currency exchanged .. dragged deeply into the gutters .. making it the base from which people should start their lives off .. demanding vehemently for people to abandon .. the most precious exhilarating values .. that have ever had in their possession

governments and corporations ..are pushing to the hilt .. for individuals .. to succumb to .. accept its doctrines .. and comply with it

and one considers .. how not .. individuals would not resort .. to any inhuman destroying behaviours .. that plague humanity .. out of this perverse system .. that financial considerations created

.. financial considerations take precedence .. disorganise one .. the mean and main goal .. of governments, states, corporations ..

.. the message to be put on .. pursued .. the financial considerations are the last cog in the wheel .. that drives human lives forward ..

... at the bottom of all that has to be considered .. to plan lives

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