Friday, 20 May 2011

Corporations DNA, their genetic profile. Why corporations need to be drastically re-designed.

that is the world of corporations and this is the way they deal with people .. how they suss people out

corporations them selves they are not people .. they might be manned by people .. but they are anything but people

The Orange flyer that drew my attention, and glove-ly fitted my current thoughts

"Forget about your home broadband and calls bill going through the roof because of sneaky surcharges or crafty conditions. With Orange broadband you 're in for a treat.

There is nothing worse than having to pay to get connected or getting stung for extra usage charges when you go over your download limit. Not to mention when you 're told one price, only to find out it doesn't include everything.

.. from the guts of one corporation, Orange, on how corporations are run .. how they make their profits, their revenues ..

.. corporations genetically engineered .. surgically remove the malignant growth that harbour in their bosom ..

.. sneaky surcharges .. crafty conditions .. and the Orange promise .. that with them .. you 're for a treat .. a treat for whose enjoyment? ..

.. well, there is not doubt .. Orange's of course .. though that besides the point

.. the point being how corporations .. based upon an assumed ignorance of the public .. but nevertheless the assumption ceases to be an assumption .. and becomes the hard reality .. as corporations, Orange included, are allowed a rampant hand to do what they like .. aided by the state's status quo and a legislation cut and tailored to suit the corporations needs ..

treat individuals as .. ignoramuses .. until they are found out ..

.. it is legendary the infamy of the small print .. where corporations cram what they hate for their customers to know about .. the dimension of the customer entity .. that rules and governs corporation acts ..

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