Wednesday, 11 May 2011

There are all kinds of instabilities that bring chaos. Choosing the right kind, matters.

"Stability is to be prized," said Oxfam's David Green. And that is the last thing Glencore wants, as it's instability which is most profitable - for those who have the inside knowledge to exploit it.

instabilities .. what brings chaos .. instabilities lurking in the vicinity .. are being taking advantage by Glencore .. but any can take advantageous points .. from lurking instabilities .. people them selves too .. and not to the same effect as .. Glencore .. Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg ..

in a world that money .. permeates the backbones of societies .. the instabilities would be about money .. where .. Glencore and Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg .. would always have the upper hand

yet .. there are instabilities .. that they are not about money .. they are about people .. and their lives .. and for these instabilities .. Glencore and Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg .. they are powerless .. helpless ..

it is up to people .. to make up their minds .. with what cards .. to play .. and not up to Glencore .. or Chief Executive Ivan Glasenberg

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