Sunday, 25 September 2011

Debt is a vehicle. It is driven. It does not carry.

BBC News - IMF promises decisive action for eurozone debt crisis

.. banking system .. re-arrangement .. restructuring .. banking capital .. the now narrow view .. that demands the survival and growth of banks and corporations, their thrift .. at the expense of individuals .. into a wider view .. that puts first individuals .. their survival .. their growth ..

.. change of scope in mind ..

"There still seems to be a large gap between what economists and markets say is needed - and politicians are able to provide."

re-arrangement .. restructuring .. out of .. what is regarded as known .. what economists and markets say is needed .. and what politicians think .. they ought to provide ..

"Banks holding large amounts of European sovereign debt have come under pressure from investors concerned about losses if those debts are not repaid."

verifying ..analysing .. what it means .. the losses .. out of debts that are not repaid ..

clearly .. besides monetary losses .. of an entity that depends .. has been constructed .. on the assumption .. that there will be compliant individuals .. who sustain the entity money .. who themselves suffer losses ..

economies depend on people .. without them .. the entity economy would not exist .. debt is a vehicle .. not the carrier ..

.. the vehicle can be altered .. in many ways .. to suit the carrier .. but there are very few ways .. that would demand .. alterations bestowed upon the carrier ..

especially when these alterations .. would require drastic changes of the carrier .. to the extent that the carrier .. would be unable to carry the carriage ..

"Advanced economies will ensure that banks have strong capital positions and access to adequate funding," said the communique."

"It said it would follow up this pledge with a "bold action plan" at the beginning of November."

.. abandon all practices .. that are put under the directive .. of the absolute and unavoidable requirement for corporations to maximise profit .. at all costs

corporations taken advantage .. of the advances of technology .. for mere financial gains .. exploiting their grapple .. their tight hold .. of political structures ..

at all costs .. costs that go beyond .. their mere financial counterparts .. costs that the world bears harsh ..

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