Sunday, 25 September 2011

Stabilize market confidence, crutches availed. Alchemy enabled, powered by.

Bloomberg: Europe Faces Geithner, Soros Pressure to Defuse Debt Crisis
September 25, 2011, 12:14 PM EDT

The sovereign debt crisis in the euro area needs to be resolved promptly to stabilize market confidence,” People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said at the IMF talks, which conclude today.“

stabilize market confidence .. upon crutches .. global economy ..alchemy ..provided .. enabled .. powered by .. the proverbial scraps turned gold ..

scraps .. their corporations and banks .. cherished and put upon pedestals .. revenues and profits ..

.. a worthy cause for people to sacrifice their very livelihoods .. and lives

their eroding influence ..passed on down the world's hierarchy of structures .. from the international and national power-broker bodies .. to their subsidiaries .. states banks and corporations .. right down to the core ..of societies communities families .. and to very individual itself .. succumbing under the immense pressure .. extinguishing the will for life .. the futility ..of it all

banks corporations .. along .. sold-out ..states and politicians .. to boost their confidence .. confident enough for another round of assault .. on individuals ..

cuts .. in pensions, salaries .. all to appease .. the never-ending appetite .. of banks and corporations for profits ..

this is not the market ..suited for people ..

Fall onto their faces, again and again, into mud-shit, for the mere mis-acknowledgement, the stubborn resolve of not taking into account the most crucial and fundamental system-building factor. People.

"Greek- led turmoil threatened “cascading default, bank runs and catastrophic risk.” Billionaire investor George Soros said “something needs to be done” to safeguard Europe’s banks because Greece may be unable to avoid default."

going straight .. for the carcass .. the meat .. Greece's default .. right to the point ..

the precious banks .. above all else .. people can be spared .. inconsequential .. but even for the banks ..

asking for advice .. from the wolf .. to safeguard the sheep .. seeking out not the milk or the wool .. but their very flesh ..

Soros .. its very existence .. its presence .. its status .. an affront in the face of humanity ..

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