Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Humanity's unreachable targets.

wave after wave .. earth in itself .. bear the hallmarks of an organism .. a superorganism .. a system above all systems .. or better a system out of all systems existing .. a supersystem ..that adjusts its parameters .. parameters within which all its entities can fit .. entities that be the component systems and their component systems .. down to the human individuals proper ..

creation .. innovation ..thrive .. despite the crisis writhing currently .. crisis that never ceased to be .. since the dawn of humanity .. since the time humanity as a giant baby trodden on its four paws .. trying to get its bearings .. learn how to walk and run .. and it did learn and keep learning .. managed each epoch in its long history .. to cover each inch upon this earth .. to reach each .. unreachable target .. only to find out .. more and more targets to be reached .. still targets keep cropping up .. the stakes are getting high .. demand more out of humanity .. more concerted efforts .. efforts that the current framework humanity relies upon ..can not afford ..

current framework .. highly divided ..disparate .. weak for the tasks ahead .. demands a thorough breakup of the structures prevailing .. the disorganised implementation of the tasks at hand .. the false adherence to the vehicle of money .. the utter dependence for growth .. to an insignificant factor .. the artificial divisions that pushes humanity towards .. weakening its efforts .. straying off the targets set .. unable to live up to expectations ..

progress growth .. its total reliance upon money .. the false indicators adhered to .. the overwhelming preponderance that banks have achieved .. banks housing the elites .. the stranglehold of further progress of humanity .. the limited horizons at bay under their narrow and selfish perspective .. do not suffice ..

the exponential curve .. humanity's growth .. being set upon since a mere century ago .. is still in its infancy .. it hasn't reach its upper limits .. not even near its middle .. the push the momentum would not decrease .. it carries forward humanity .. it would rid of the obstacle that money presents ..is .. and with it the banks that represent it .. humanity would glean as the whole that is .. and not the whole out of the elites alone with their banks .. as it is amply revealed ..in this instant of the humanity's growth curve .. the world deep into an economic crisis .. while at the same time ..creativity and innovation continues unabated .. that the economic crisis is artificial .. man-made .. and that what matters .. are the resources .. human mainly and the material resources available .. and as for the material resources .. for providing the energy required .. technology constantly replenishes the energy arsenal .. new sources are uncovered .. and their lack of use .. the reason being left unused .. it clashes with the vested interests of the economic elite .... as it will entail its collapse .. the global economic economic structure .. utterly inflexible .. non-conducive to progress ..

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