Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Corporations social responsibility facade, not only questioned but what it stands for utterly rejected as a complete sham.

Social responsibility of businesses questioned:

"The negative ones amount to refraining from harmful behaviour, for example production that destroys the environment, and violations of human rights."

what is addressed as ..negative .. the refraining from harmful behaviour .. avoid keep away .. from what is regarded as harmful .. as

and all that ..being ..negative .. negative for business and profits .. the hell and heavens ..breaking loose ..

corporations .. march .. leave nothing stand on your way .. while ..trashing the environment

attack human rights .. a free-for all ..punching bag .. scatter them smithereens

because it good for business and profits .. 

and ..your rights for profits ..are above all else ..

what is negative for business ..for business to thrive entails harm to what .. humanity and world .. regard as unthinkable to perpetrate upon ..

what is positive for business is negative for people and environment ..

counteracting..positives and negatives .. what is regarded as ..progress and growth ..

is lost into an abyss .. their meanings become ..utterly distorted ..

ought to strike a balance .. a balance which can only be achieved ..

taking ..out of the hands of .. their criteria .. namely the profits ..

certainly ..are not ..a good reason all ..

subtle .. negative .. the interplay .. between ..positive and negative ..

banks, corporations ..two-faced .. the real rugged-crooked face .. and the normal face (a mask really) they put out .. for people to see .. PR .. public relations .. huh ..

for ..the real rugged-crooked face .. what is accepted as negative .. is positive ..

what is regarded as positive for business .. a money-making machine ..

and money-making machines are based upon .. harmful behaviour .. destruction of the environment .. violation of human rights .. all these bring .. sweet profits ..

systemically .. any money-making machine .. opts for the negative .. they are negative ..

the negative .. seen from the perspective ..of the whole .. society .. state .. humanity ..

clearly any money-making machine .. named either bank, corporation or any other name they can come up with .. will all steer right into .. making profit .. they are 'genetically' ..predisposed .. to do so ..

positive .. only as an attempt to wiggle around .. to cover the real rugged-crooked face .. from being seen ..

smoke in the eyes of people .. philanthropy .. that puts it into perspective .. a hideous perspective that
 humanity ..rejects ..

something that society and state .. ought to do as well .. what it needs to be written in their .. DNA .. in the code to be executed .. at all times ..

the pure essence of the law ..

no pussyfooting .. the negative and positive aspects they stand for humanity .. should be adhered by all .. business ..or any other kind of activity, as such ..  in principle and never in name ..

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