Friday, 2 March 2012

Policing. Castrating the nation.

..policing .. castrating the nation .. rules .. let the rules ..prove themselves .. justify their worth ..

..let the rules .. be the ones that solely define .. traffic .. societies .. as they are .. by the very entity .. that matters .. people ..

.. their fervour .. the paranoid .. pathological fear .. that societies will stoop into anarchy .. robs people the opportunity of exercising their potential .. to better their lives and their societies as such ..

their potential .. their mind .. falling into disuse .. and what is not used .. is lost

the strict adherence .. to the letter of law .. to rigid ..inflexible rules .. instead of the rules being plied and moulded at the hands of people ..

how healthy such endeavour it is .. for people .. for society ..

in their mind to preserve what they have acquired, from who has nothing or very little .. property ..possessions .. the noose to hung the nation from ..

everybody .. forced into orthopaedic shoes .. one size fits all .. to even being put into straight-jackets .. insanity ..hell-loosed ..

to enforce the law .. the very concept nullifies the very existence of the law ..

..laws that do not fit the human individual .. bodies of laws ..alien to people .. at the hands of enforcers .. outside of people that meant to be for ..

..going against the will of the people .. ought to be rejected .. thrown into the garbage can ..

there is not a need to enforce .. what people adhere to .. laws .. that fit them ..

the state-run industry of fines and penalties .. the short-term financial gains ..paltry .. in respect to the harm perpetrated against a nation's health ..

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