Thursday, 7 June 2012

Crank up the printing presses.. Fiscal death? ..what death are you talking about

.. people's lives .. full of life .. none .. of this morose state of mind ..

Japan's fiscal death is a warning to the West - Telegraph

debt .. overrated .. Link

"Japan's debt has jumped by 61 percentage points of GDP since 2008, compared to eight points for the AAA bloc. "

"Public debt is expected to reach 239pc of GDP this year, uncharted levels for a major economy in peace-time. "

... reach 239pc .. rising at an even steeper trajectory .. and ..of now .. Japanese .. do not give a toss ..

.. soon .. it would matter ..not .. it won't even be mentioned in the news .. at all ..

... a mere .. triviality .. people will continue to live on .. regardless ..

"`Net debt' – subtracting Japan's vast holdings of foreign bonds – is nearer 137pc but this is rising at an even steeper trajectory."

... the demise ..of the banks .. the cranking .. of the printing presses .. inflationary-monopoly money ..

... fiscal death .. whose death? .. the banks death .. and right-so ..

"Japan's addiction to public sector spending is way beyond the boundaries or remedial `austerity'," said Dylan Grice from Societe Generale. "

... public sector spending .. who cares .. how much .. it costs ..

... people .. bound to be happy .. and if they are not .. it is because of the blubbering from know-alls .. for the need .. of any kind of 'austerity' ..noising them up .. the prude westerners ..

.. Oh Dylan Grice .. I was talking to your mum .. so tell .. what does that say .. for money ..itself ..

.. should people sent it to the scrapheap .. not mention .. not bother about it all ..

"Political pressure on the Bank of Japan to crank the printing presses into top gear will become irresistible. We see no alternative."

alternative? .. none is asked .. money ..will loose ..interest themselves ..

nobody ..will go after them .. nobody ..will seek out profits and revenues .. nobody .. will maim and kill or sell the mother of his to get it ..

banks .. will loose ..interest themselves ..

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