Thursday, 7 June 2012

Banks need to be ..put down. Culled the ..vermin ..they are.

Spain's 'apocalypse' defies Europe's web of blame | Miguel-Anxo Murado | Comment is free |

"Spain's economic 'apocalypse' defies Europe's web of blame
The case of Spain calls into question the accepted narrative of the eurozone crisis, both in its causes and its supposed solutions."

defies blame ... the notion of ..systemic .. sinks in ..

it is not down .. to bad boys .. the system ..'banks'.. itself .. suffices ..

a system .. where greed .. is the basic ingredient .. eats itself ..out ..devours ..self .. cannibalize ..self

save the banks .. re-capitalize them .. to what avail ..

.. need to be ..put down .. culling of the banks ..euthanasia ..never to resurrect ..again .. |

ruthlessly .. as ruthless they (banks) ..have been ..can be .. in the frenzy .. of amassing revenues, profits .. while overtaken .... under the influence .. by greed

thoroughly .. as thorough they (banks) have been .. in counting the dimes .. that their hapless victims are asked to cough up ..

relentlessly .. as relentless they (banks) have been .. in chasing and exterminating .. who-ever unfortunate enough .. crossed their path

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