Thursday, 30 August 2012

Vaginas invade .. religiosity ..that plague the world and the human being alike.

Texas Republicans are choosing ideological purity over the health and welfare of the state’s most disadvantaged women.

Vaginas Invade Tampa

ideological purity .. how can it be claimed as .. ideological .. questionable ..

ideological purity is used in that context .. a smear in the face of ..humanity ..

ideological ..lurks in the minds of people something that elevates the human ..concept .. humanity as such .. to new heights

purity .. pure ..religiosity .. the very essence of muslim brotherhoods the world over ..

religiosity ..that plague the world .. and the human being .. alike ..

republicans .. muslim brotherhoods ..both target ..women .. both expose women as .. sin infested pots .. the source of sins

naivety ..personified ..senile .. senanigans .. sticklers .. republicans .. equal and alike ..muslim brotherhoods

.. some ..or anyone would have loughed ..bellies out .. if they weren't the inputs .. to .. some horrible outcomes ..

nevertheless .. these ..provide the fibre .. the very essence of ..Romneys ..Ryans .. Akins .. and n' sos

republicans gaining presidency .. is as if ..muslim brotherhoods ..gaining power .. worst nightmare than democrats ..preserving presidency ..

republicans power .. holy wars ..unleashed the world over ..

democrats regaining presidency .. the lesser of.. almost ..benign(?..though doubtful) ..both-society's carcinomata ..both-evils ..

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