Thursday, 20 September 2012

the abode of humanity is a better place than it was .. a year .. a decade .. let alone a century .. or a few centuries ago ..

 is it ..orchestrated ..

 Actress in anti-Islamic film files lawsuit against filmmaker and YouTube -

is it a ..blatant attempt to boost Mitt Romney's bid for the presidency .. aiming at ..igniting the powder-keg

just at the right time .. the filmmaking ..a covert operation .. by one of the so-many American Intelligence Bodies .. the sole people who really America .. heavily ..heavily ..proclaimed as.. emphasized to its ..utmost ..

for Mitt Romney to achieve election .. as being the right guy .. who would put into their place .. these pesky islamists

 Free speech or incitement? French magazine runs cartoons of Mohammed

incitement .. why would one have reasons to believe is it ..coordinated .. to make an appearance .. at the right time.. coinciding ..

Controversial 'Defeat Jihad' ad to appear in NYC subways

the boundaries ..blaring .. unrecognized .. this ..damned capitalism .. makes ..judging people and their acts hard .. so unreliable ..untrustworthy ..

devious .. motives ..hiding behind the chase of the ..buck .. who can say what..

one thing for sure ..indeterminacy ..prevails .. but ..nevertheless .. one can not claim that even if it starts as .. pure and ..devious ..manipulation ..

that the manipulators will achieve their goals .. humanity will achieve its own goals .. despite of everything that throw in its road .. that's for sure .. 

exacerbate to its utmost the islamic temper .. riots the world over .. islamist ..people ..all out to preserve .. Mohammed's place in the podium .. untouched .. out of sight .. unreached .. far gone

cut down to size .. as any man that has lived .. has left footprints on this earth .. stepped on its ground ..

its about time .. Jesus has been dragged down from his pedestal .. trivialized ..scorned ..ridiculed .. though painful might be for the devoted acolytes ..

however they bear it with ..dignity .. at least now .. god forbid if any attempted such a feat ..a century ago .. and even worse a few centuries back .. Torquemada's holy test bears witness .. as nothing was left from whoever dared utter the slightest insult ..

nevertheless the physical destruction of ..the voices ..did not deter of them .. be spoken and be heard of ..

and the abode of humanity is a better place than it was .. a year .. a decade .. let alone a century .. or a few centuries ago ..

is getting better and better .. and it is not just simply that i am an optimist .. the facts tell ..a ..telling story ..

despite of what is seen and observed throughout the world .. the killings the turmoil .. the crises .. the suffering ..

these are just ..remnants of the old habits .. that die hard ..all too stubborn to admit .. that their time is over ..and done ..

and that's merely ..and purely .. in a weird sort of way ..progress for the individual in the human history .. and no-one can stand against it 

knock into their senses ..

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