Wednesday, 17 October 2012

to destroy the .. always on the.. razor edge .. never in peace ..

an ..unreal ..reality .. getting used live with it .. one .. that parallel universes .. are the norm ..

"Sifting through soil on Mars, NASA's rover Curiosity paused to take a picture - and exposed its own bad behaviour. The shot included a bright object lying in the Martian dirt, and a closer look suggests that the rover is guilty of littering: it appears the object is a piece of plastic wrapper that has fallen from the robot.

The discovery has put a twist on the rover's current mission to scrub out its soil scoop and take its first sample of Martian dirt for analysis. More bright specks of unidentified matter in the soil - at first thought to be from Curiosity shedding - may actually be Martian in origin, although what they might be is a mystery."

 Mystery particles on Mars revealed by rover's litter

though that is not correct .. they were/are always there .. it's only the minds that need to be attuned .. a ..consciousness guiding perception .. among the usual repertoire of stimuli in everyday life .. to include what destroys the neat realities .. we were/are so fond of ..

for ..explanations from beyond .. that magic pales before them .. revealing a ..beyond the realms ..reality ..

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