Friday, 21 September 2012

The end of artificial scarcity; straight .. from the's mouth ..and playing about .. a horse called ..Izabella

We’ve called the phenomenon “the time depreciation of money“. But one could also easily call it “money decay” or the end of the compound interest environment, in which capital is naturally presumed to appreciate.

[Beyond scarcity] The end of artificial scarcity Posted by Izabella Kaminska

straight .. from the's mouth ..and playing about .. a horse called  ..Izabella

artificial scarcity .. a nice name for .. daylight robbery .. compounding ..profits .. momentum driven .. carried out of yesteryear habits .. wishful thinking .. the fittest ..upon fittest ..upon fittest ..the world would strive to the dominance of .. that one ..that wins the right (inalienable and on) to proclaim self ..god ..

the roman legacy bay .. the powerful emperors to claim ..godhoods .. Caligula .. Nero .. their today's ..lookalikes .. who? .. Gates .. Soros .. Buffet ..ready to claim .. their ..well-earned ..godhoods ..

joking aside ..the world has reached a ..plateau .. gearing up for its next stage of development .. leaving behind all the ..baggage accumulated .. in the past .. decades .. centuries .. millennia ..

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