Saturday, 5 January 2013

Food industry irresponsibility, how can it be explained apart from hatred.. for the human individual.

"At its core this is an argument about how best to reduce levels of fat, sugar and salt in our food - through regulation, or collaboration."

BBC News - Consider tougher regulation in obesity fight - Labour

trashing the notion of ..collaboration ..

food industry responsibility .. a myth .. perpetrated ..perpetuated .. by lackey governments ..

a myth that should be ..trashed .. abandoned .. completely .. irrevocably .. totally ..

advertising .. plain ..deceitful .. bombard relentlessly people's consciousness .. ripping them to shreds ..render them useless .. to think and ..fight ..

industry .. industries .. incorrigible .. untrustworthy .. taking ..unfair advantages .. amply bestowed upon them by the ..lackeys

governments ..of people .. supposed to act as the collective consciousness of all of us .. and not the stepping stones of shrewd entrepreneurs .. with only one thing in mind ..

to make it good .. in this god-forsaken world .. regardless .. violate and reduce to nothing .. what is in need of ..cared and cherished ..

 .. everything and anything worth fighting for .. for human individuals .. mere collateral damage .. in an ..unprecedented war against the human race ..

what else there for .. how can it be explained .. apart from .. immense ..hatred .. an underlying wish for the destruction ..annihilation of the human individual ..

fuck your business .. as it is not for the benefit of people ..

revenues and profits .. dragging people by the nose .. to fuck with your ..profits ..

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