Thursday, 10 January 2013

Organizations, institutions can never be anything but.. stupid.

"The idea that organizations fail because of human error is a defense that does not address the real problem-many organizations are just not intelligent”.
 Maurice Yolles, PhD Liverpool John Moores University

.. plain ..and simple .. for all to comprehend .. even for ..leaders .. organizations .. institutions ..

.. the framework upon which ..states ..societies are built ... are stupid ..

"Organizational Pathologies:
Septic: Overcome by toxins within the system resulting in multi-system failure.
Demented: When organizations forget how stupid they were last week.
Depressed: Organizations marked by disengagement, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and focus.
Schizophrenic: Organizations characterized by loss of contact with the environment and inability to deal with reality.

 stupid ..they are .. simply because .. they are not there .. to solve people's .. humanity's problems .. but ..they are there .. to teach .. me .. him ..her .. all of us ..a lesson ..

whereas .. they ..themselves .. never learn .. are incapable of learning .. and can the learn

"Leadership Matters(noun): Know that Your subconscious beliefs and assumptions Influence your every action or inaction And profoundly impact your organization."

toxic concepts .. can they learn .. they are so wrapped-up .. into themselves .. everyone else is obscure ever .. they can barely ..see ..past their noses .. 

leaders .. their ..pastoral qualities .. the sheep-herding ..abilities the panacea .. the sole criterion .. for their ascendance .. in the echelons of ..power ..

the more they scorn and the more they are condescending of people .. the more suitable they are found by their peers be entrusted the herding of their respective flocks ..

 The Journey to An Intelligent and Reliable Organization Kathy A. Scott, RN, PhD, CHE Regional Vice President, Clinical Services Banner Health

The Intellible Organization: Intelligent and Reliable

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