Monday, 25 March 2013

politicians are creepy ..

politicians are creepy ..a statement .. why? .. because they pretend to be what they are not .. do people deserve them .. politicians ..those of us that we love to hate .. is it them or they are what they are ..creepy .. because of us .. we make them be creepy .. we want them creepy .. therefore they are what we deserve .. is that so? ..or is it not? .. would we go on like that ..forever or will we do away with them ..

pretend to be what they are not .. because they want to please us .. to ingratiate us .. to give them their vote .. they do so many things that they are not get the precious vote .. that they are bound to hate us the end .. because we make them stoop so low .. beyond and certainly under the standards in whatever way they set these to be .. so even from their part .. they hate us .. love to hate us? .. that is not certain least I do not know .. maybe ..simply they hate us ..

they hate us as .. they do not need us after the vote is cast .. some would say ..and I certainly would .. they are not .. they are not part of us .. the decisions they take do not consider us is not for us .. they themselves say .. it is for the state .. it is for all of us .. but not for .. somewhere along the line .. the ..differs  it acquires strange properties .. the .. we believe we are it is not included in the .. the politicians fight for .. the common good they are talking about is an abstract entity that does not refer to us

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