Friday, 29 March 2013

replacement ..rather than extinction .. annihilation .. evolution comes in increments ..

replacement ..than extinction .. annihilation .. evolution comes in increments ..

New Era for British Financial Regulators Is About to Begin -

vestiges .. will still survive processes ..must go on .. providing the stepping stones required .. new processes along side old processes .. enable the forward movement ..

domain-by-domain .. level-by-level the parts that make up the whole ..assemble under different guidelines ..clicking onto the paths chosen by the supersystem that as domains are part of ..

tuning into that strike chords into the hearts that the supersystem is made out of .. synchronizing in time and space .. for maximum effect ..

intentions .. design .. should fall ..prey .. follow the vibes ..that reverberate true to the calling .. any attempts to ..adulterate the outcome .. will fall short to the requirements..

spurned ..and rejected .. what does not suit .. what societies call out for .. mis-interpret it ..patches instead of weaving the tapestry ..anew .. ignore it .. a concoction rather than a recipe .. to its peril

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