Friday, 5 April 2013

Stupidity - is the stupid that counts. HBOS ex-bosses are not fit and proper persons to hold the approved persons status.

"colossal failure" of management .. fit and proper persons to hold the approved persons status .. bewildered by that term .. "reckless" lending policies .. "sowed the seeds of its destruction" .. inevitable ..

BBC News - HBOS ex-bosses face calls for City bans

such an ..abysmal irony .. the unbelievable compensations .. for extra-top executives fearing an exodus of super-brains out of the banking sector .. to end up like that

pounding relentlessly .. shouting out deafening tones ..need to pay more ..heaven and earth if possible .. to insure their services ..

these fellas ..barred .. certainly because of gross incompetence ..

fucking PR .. is not what you are what you appear to be .. a massive cover-up of stupidity abound .. fear more the stupid with credentials and titles as is the one that inflicts untold damage ..

it is purely a matter of gearing where a simple stupid act that otherwise would do no harm is exaggerated out of proportions to unimaginable scales .. is who does it that makes that difference ..

bank bailed out by the taxpayer.. it bailed out .. massive stupidity ..

better late .. than never ..

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