Saturday, 4 May 2013

rampant technology .. not, never again for the sake of money .. but ..contrary to and despite of money .. inevitable

so many millions .. billions ..trillions .. of such and such currency .. the constant ..inane reminder .. intruding into people's lives ..menacing people's lives .. no more ..

"We're not going to spend our money and time engineering a replacement for something that works very well."
Glowing trees could light up city streets - environment - 25 November 2010 - New Scientist

spend and time ..

what was in the mind of the above expert ..why do anything that would not bring money in .. that companies ..corporations ..could and would not cash in ..

as well as .. what? ..deprive .. companies and corporations ..already established revenues ..

..god ..forbid .. the thought have entered ..the above individual's mind ..

how, who, why ..on earth ..someone would do such terrible thing ..

though the expert ..could be excused .. she voiced that opinion far back as 2010 .. ages ago .. in our rapid ..exponentially driven world ..

rampant technology .. innovation unleashed .. if only the aforementioned ..condition.. advancing technology ..only to be devoured ..ruthlessly companies, corporations.. technology innovation ..just for the sake of them ......  cease to be..

and it does ..practically .. what was a sore predicament .. that people could not get away from.. could not get rid of .. plaguing humanity relentlessly ..

nowadays ..a mere nuisance ..that can be easily ..dismissed ..and in a few years .. a short-span for humanity's evolution .. will be extinguished 

..out of sight ..and ..out of mind .. and in true fashion ..of a paradigm shift .. erased out of our minds completely .. as if it never existed ..

all the nightmarish future worlds .. that sci-fi exponents .. predicted and flooded our consciousnesses with ..will prove unfounded .. would be seen as a mere joke .. laughed at .. ridiculed ..

students .. plants ..luminescence ..trees as glowing street lights .. the enormous potential .. just for the heck of it ..untapped ..

..showed what can be done .. and despite the drawback ..that money bring forth is done .. 

it is ..pointless .. and downright .. reactionary .. to go against the flow .. the grain that societies .. are made out of ..

adapt to .. give up and give in .. leave only to overwhelm one's mind, the urge fit in .. to the current climate

humanity emerges from its primitive stage.. into a glowing future ..  that ...its next stage of evolution .. promises ..

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