Friday, 17 May 2013

do not kick ..mega-businesses out .. just put them ..into their right place

Want more micro-businesses? Kick the mega-businesses out! : RSA blogs

do not kick ..mega-businesses out .. just put them ..into their right place .. where they would do more good than harm ..

people ...societies .. humanity .. go forward ..not ..backwards .. there is no need to re-invent the wheel..

micro-business produce more wealth ..

there is enough wealth to go about .. for all .. this maniacal pursuit .. the panacea to solve all problems .. is ..inane ..and insane ..

is the distribution of wealth that is flawed .. stop creating any more wealth .. wealth comes out of our ears .. at least ..for some more than others ..

let societies ..humanity ..move to the next stage .. to seek out quality of wealth .. and ..not quantity ..

people's lives .. do not get better ... because of ..more money ..

you dont buy ..friends ..relationships the contrary of what capitalism makes us ..believe

you are so ..incensed about people in welfare eats away all that is good in us ..

capitalism ...needs ..people in welfare .. creates them out of thin air .. serves ..thoroughly its purpose ..
put out new parametres .. for people to meet .. and you will be astounded with the outcomes ..

in your minds .. capitalism .. is what fits like a glove to the human individual ..

move beyond capitalism .. stop producing useless products ..and services .. which are thought of in the first place  .. just for the sake of making more money ..

that offer nothing for people .. this is not what people want .. does not fill lives .. creatively and constructively ..
.. people's lives .. empty as ever ..

keeps them ..bound and shackled .. unable to be anything ..apart from .. predatory ..survivors in a thoroughly ..alienated world .. with the prize ... utterly ..unfulfilled lives .. only filled to the brim with broken dreams and promises ..

condemned ..never to reach their potential

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