Monday, 3 June 2013

a hymn to capitalism..

"Lead paint is still readily available throughout the developing world – often containing lead compounds manufactured by Western companies."

if ever .. there is a case to eradicate capitalism out of the face of the earth .. profits above all other concerns .. excruciating ..devastating effects to humans .. to our surroundings .. to life itself ..

.. it destroys relentlessly ..with no remorse .. no second thoughts allowed ..what is really valuable to us .. what is vital for us protect, to sustain .. to promote and cherish ..

its continuing survival the face of overwhelming mounting opposition .. is disgusting .. an anathema .. a stigma for humanity and our planet ..

the very humanity itself .. at all levels .. is in grave danger ..

it is utterly insane ..for societies .. states .. humanity ..inanely glued .. to the demons ..the vampires that sucks out of us ..all that is worth living for ..

a curse from our deepest past .. the primitive instincts ingrained in our being  .. all at the mercy of the powerful and mighty .. an artificially preserved Darwinian kickback .. a never-ending struggle for survival the midst of the abundance that progress in science and technology amply affords us

..that turned sour for humanity..

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