Thursday, 13 June 2013

the global climate ..emerging

Big Brother needs a data privacy policy - opinion - 12 June 2013 - New Scientist

"The debate over internet and phone surveillance should be conducted in the open, not the shadows"

the uncontrollable hold of the state upon humanity waning ..

NSA's Snowden .. Google's Jones ... people .. in whatever capacity they are engaged in .. they are fully aware of their priorities ..

.. the climate in the world's horizons .. a-changing ..a-plenty ..

and .. it could not have been otherwise .. any state ..any corporation but a pact of the individuals assembled by is not some arcane otherworldly entity beyond and above the people is assembled by .. is bound to adhere to basic fundamental rules .. the human rules .. can never be ..above

Snowden revelations a threat to US-China relations, says Beijing | World news |

" turns out that the biggest threat to the pursuit of individual freedom and privacy in the US is the unbridled power of the government."

..the global climate .. Snowden in Hong-Kong .. Russia offers asylum .. the evil powers of yesteryear .. what would have been the spark for an unprecedented attack from the US administration .. shouting betrayal .. condemning Snowden in the eyes of American people and the world .. it is not attempted hasn't even been thought of ..let alone being uttered ..

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