Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Institutions (governments, states, banks, corporations ...) wither and die, and as of the individuals amidst them, they grow and thrive.

There is a major flaw in the bailouts, in the way it is approached by all governments and states. That the institutions are worth saving, that they matter more than the individuals. That it is, a dire necessity and a noble act, to sacrifice individuals, in the altar of institution preservation. Of preserving the institutions.

Somebody can insist that by saving the institutions, you save the individuals. The recent aftermath of the bailouts, points to the opposite. Banks and financial institutions resent the bailouts, as it would tie them with restrictions in their managers compensation schemes. A clear point towards the self-contained role of the institutions. They are not there to provide a service to the individuals, they are there for their own selfish goals, for their very own sake.

The role assumed by institutions, this being; to make certain, that the individuals amidst flourish and thrive, it is not. It is the opposite. Namely, for institutions to flourish and thrive, and the individuals to wither and die.

Institutions are like children, in mentality. Despite their apparent awesomeness, emanating by all the individuals involved in their running, their rules and regulations devised, are but mere figments of a child's unwarranted mind.

In the era ahead of us, it becomes quite clear that, it is the institutions that have to adapt and adjust, to the needs and wants of the individuals and not the other way around. Individuals, because societies most and foremost are built by, and not by institutions. Long before any institution springs out, and assumes control, the customs and norms, the habits individuals adhere to in societies, are already there, and if it were left to their own devices, instead of being controlled and prescribed from above, the next stage of its evolution, would have arrived from within.

The forced prerogative for the organization to survive, that everybody should submit to its demands.

Well you are wrong the organization, the system devised, is there for the individuals within, to flourish and thrive. For the organization to fit in its role and grow stronger, it can only do so:

if it assists,
it is conducive,
it provides the means,

to the growth of every individual within its boundaries and to always adjust, to the demands put forth by the individuals within and not the other way around.

An organization, a system that demands from the individual to adjust to its structure, the rules and regulations instead of adjusting itself to the individuals needs and wants, it fails.

In fact, they have being failing, all those years past, by what they used to call revolutions, what institutions, in the vast range of forms they can take, regarded as loathsome and a scourge, a menace to societies and they were utterly resisted, entering in a struggle to purge and eradicate them from the face of the earth, till institutions had to succumb, to people's awesome power.

Nowadays, the loath and scourge still exists, but in an era where communications are so widespread, they are almost impossible to surface, to pop their ugly head out, to attain their goals, to manipulate and to be accepted by individuals. They fail and will continue to fail.

Individuals becoming wide-bore channels, open to innovative and ground breaking ideas, a fertile ground continuously growing, soon to become a real deterrent against any systems that impose themselves from above, stealing out of the individuals in societies, the control of their lives.

The tattered western monetizing systems, still exercising their holds. States such as China, Iran, which, despite been born out of revolutions, ended up as institutions with a self-preservation angst, where the lives of individuals are second placed, in their agenda.

It is not the state of Iran, it is not the state of China that matters, but the individuals amidst them, which they have to be given all that they need to flourish.. You do not lead. You make sure that everything is in place, that matters for the individual.

Institutions wither and die, and as of the individuals amidst them, they grow and thrive, one way or the other, sooner or later.

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