Monday, 17 October 2011

Greece's woes contagious? Banks, corporations and even states, lenders and debtors ..simultaneously.

Strike-hit Greece heads to standstill ahead of crucial vote

"But either we do everything now or we face disaster," they said, calling for unity from all PASOK deputies."

or we face disaster .. a matter of perspective .. and according to perspective adhered to .. the meaning of disaster .. and according to the meaning .. the approach ..

what do they have to loose .. and who looses ..

"Obstructing the operations of the state in sensitive sectors is an attempt to worsen conditions and undermine the fight the country and its citizens are engaged in."

.. the fight the country .. and its citizens .. are engaged in .. citizens engaged in .. how that assertion sinks in .. is it a sign of paranoia .. when the greek government claims that .. the greek citizens are engaged in .. along with their government in the fight to avert .. their notion of disaster

government so disillusioned .. into believing that the greek citizens .. are behind them .. and not against them .. reaching heights as yet ..un-conquered ..of insanity

the insane greek citizens ..instead of accepting .. their wise leaders decisions .. each strike ..a step closer to their slaughter-house

common knowledge to all .. the fear of contagion looming .. and none has acknowledged .. that there is something wrong .. with the debt-mechanics ..

growth at bay .. in mind .. eager, thirsty .. can not wait .. geared with funds not in their coffers .. borrow to accomplish sooner .. what they will achieve later

committing more and more of growth's foreseen takings .. even before they were thought of all the first place.. engaged in a vicious circle .. that has no end ..

for states and individuals alike .. debt industry .. a thriving market .. so thriving .. that they forget .. what the debt is all about ..

one .. individual. corporation, state .. forgets .. to grow .. that none or very little .. is spend on growth

funds a-plenty ..worldwide .. allocated for debt .. than for growth proper ..

banks ..and corporations .. and even states .. lenders and debtors ..simultaneously .. assumed credit-worthy .. if loans and debts are balanced .. despite their enormous sizes .. and on top of that .. despite the insane risks incorporated

an insane ..razor-edge walk .. balancing precariously .. the fall holds no uncertainties ..

all countries .. none excluded .. have debts on their backs .. they hound them mad .. each one .. will have its turn .. a fact undisputed ..

greek citizens ..their sacrifice .. should not go un-heeded .. to go down with a bang .. to fall with a thunder .. that will shake the world over ..

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